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Announcement: How & When To Make a Ticket - A Guide to WP Support

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How & When To Make a Ticket
A Guide to WP Support

Welcome all. If you've found yourself here, you probably have an issue and aren't sure quite what to do with it or where to go with it. I hope I'll be able to answer your questions with this guide.

When To Make a TicketHow To Make a Ticket
I will be using the already existing images from the Submitting a Ticket FAQ on the WP Support page linked above. Feel free to read either or both.

Step 1:
Navigate your web browser to
Upon landing, check out your options to choose from.

As you can see above, the Submit A Ticket link is highlighted in a red box. Click it to continue to our next step.

Step 2:
From here, you will have a drop-down menu of various categories to choose from.
If you've experienced harassment by another player, for example, you would choose the Ill-Mannered Reports option.

Step 3:
From here, you will see a few spaces to fill out your information and the information about your problem or situation corresponding with the correct section of the website or game.

All of the boxes you see with a red asterisk next to them [ * ] are required to be filled out before submitting. Be as thorough as possible when reporting something, as it could be that one detail that could help pull a case together and get it solved.

Step 3.1:
Additionally, if you have a screenshot to go along with your ticket you can attach it at the bottom of the ticket in the Attachments section highlighted in the red box below.

Step 4:
If you've completed all the fields, click Submit Ticket and be prepared to receive your Automatic Confirmation Email. It'll be sent to you right after the ticket is submitted. Hang onto this email as it holds your ticket number, which you will need in case you have problems with the ticket itself or find it unanswered in a timely fashion.

Side Note:
You might have noticed a login on the side of the screen while in the Submitting A Ticket web page. It's not required to sign up for a WP Support account, but it makes it easier to edit current tickets and lets you view old, closed ones as well. If you would like to learn how to create one, use this guide on the WP Support page.

Follow Up:
The GM Team is working to clear existing tickets and help those users as soon as is possible, if your ticket issue has been unanswered/not followed up on for over a week, you can contact a CM to check up on it. Please make sure to include the ticket number and details of what happened and how long you have been waiting.