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Announcement: Applications for VMods Open!

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Applications for dedicated volunteer moderators are open for RO2’s section of the forums.

If you would like to participate in the VMod program, please answer these questions and send your response to me via a PM. New moderators will be selected throughout February as qualified applicants are screened.

Please include answers to all questions below in your PM:
  • What are your forum and game account names?
  • What times are you most active on the forums?
  • Why do you feel you would make a good addition to the VMods?
  • Do you have prior experience moderating a forum?
  • Do you think of yourself as someone who always stays calm when dealing with others who are hostile? (Please be honest. If no, explain why.)
  • How would you handle instances of player conflict here on the forums? Example: “I’d use firm but clear language to instruct players to stay on topic…”

Not familiar with our VMod system?
VMods are forum members who opt to volunteer time to monitor the forums. They clean up out of place threads, moderate posts and accounts that do not follow forum rules, and help clarify guidelines to members. They help maintain the forum with the goal of making a better community for their fellow players in mind.
A VMod’s identity is confidential. VMods are given an account with moderator status and a VMod name, different from their normal forum or game account name.

VMods have access to a special moderator subforum and to the reporting system where they can assist in maintaining the forums by reviewing and responding to issues.

You must be a patient person, with no prior violations of forum rules on your account. Applicants that are available to moderate on nights and weekends are a plus!