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Announcement: Item Scams and You!

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Scamming and YOU!

Ever see something that just seems far too good to be true? It probably is! Make sure to read this post and make sure you won't get caught by the scammers!

This thread will outline the most common scams, why they don’t make sense and what to do if someone like this approaches you.

(tl;dr take a lesson from the early 90’s and JUST SAY NO!)

The Wicked “GM”

GMs and CMs are semi-respected pillars of any online gaming community. As they hold positions of power and trust, it seems reasonable to comply with their requests. Unfortunately, many scammers will take advantage of these titles and try to use them to rob innocent victims. Here are some key things you should be aware of:
  • A GM will never, EVER, EVER ask for your password. They just don’t need it and never will. Your password is a sacred string of characters meant only for you and your downloaded copy of our game client.
  • A GM will always have the RO GM sprite. It is impossible for a normal player to obtain this sprite, so don't be fooled by a level 1 Novice saying they're a GM!
If you have your doubts about someone messaging you like this, they should easily be able to show you their sprite. If they can’t do so immediately, you should take a screen shot of the conversation and submit a ticket! Don’t worry, if you accidentally report a real GM, they can sort it out later – better safe than sorry right?

The Desperate Clan Master (or Friend)

One of the best things about RO is our delightful little community. Some of the better known players are almost elevated to celebrity status! Like the GM/CM issue, some people will try to take advantage of players by pretending to be someone else in the RO community. When your best friend asks you for your incredibly rare, incredibly upgraded gear, here are some things to think about first!
  • Why does your friend suddenly need this item? You have known each other for a long time and they have never asked it of you before! If they are acting funny and seem… a little off, tell them sorry BUT NO! Even if it really was your best friend or guild leader asking you for something, keep this in mind: there is no such mechanic such as “lending” items. If you trade an item to anyone, you do so with the understanding you might not EVER get it back.
  • Why is this well-known person asking for favors from another account? If they are who they say they are, let them log in to the character by which you know them. I can’t think of any reason for “SpicyPancakes” to ever message you from a character named “qwertuyio102938fo.” If they claim they are unable to log in to that specific character at the moment, it sounds like they have a personal issue and you should recommend they get that cleared up by submitting a ticket! If your friend can’t take 10 seconds to prove they are your friend, you shouldn't take 10 seconds to help them rob you!
  • Well their name looks similar but… You think it’s quite odd that a fellow Guild Member suddenly wants to borrow something? Well I think that’s odd too! Why don’t you meet up in town and see if this suspicious character really is your pal. I understand that SillyMan can look just like SiiiyMan when capital “I” and lower case “L” letters are involved! If your SillyMan is in the clan, but SiIIyMan has no guild emblem – it looks like you’ve found a scammer.
The Positively Ridiculous Phishing Site

RO and other Gravity games will regularly have exciting contests with chances to win FABULOUS prizes. All of these events tend to have one thing in common: they don’t involve you giving away your password. If you are given lofty promises of free Warp Portal Energy and billions of Zeny, keep the following things in mind:
  • Your password is a sacred key that guards your precious goods. There are only two places you will ever need to type in your password: the RO client log-in screen, and the official Warp Portal Account Binding page. Once your RO game account is bound to your Warp Portal account (and this only applies to users who created a RO account before the Warp Portal system existed) you will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER EVER need use your password anywhere but the game’s log in screen. I know this sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how easily some users throw this information around. We even receive tickets saying “hey Mr. GM help my game crashed and my password is megaman!” Remember what I said before? We don’t need your password so you shouldn't give it out – even to us!
  • We employ professional web designers. Just look at the website you are at. Is it one of those ridiculous Geocities or Angelfire pages from when the internet was still young and untamed? Is it a “free web hosting by X” style web page that looked like it took about 14 seconds to create? Now, we may not be perfect, but I have enough pride in our team to state that we would never produce such a shoddy-looking website. You can also make note of the Gravity Interactive verified security certification in your browser.
Hey- Lemme “See” That

If a user ever wants to get a good look at an item you have, they can look with their eyes, not their trade windows! As I said earlier,once you click confirm and exchange, you have officially given up all claims of ownership for that item.