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Kafra Card Design

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 09:56 AM

Here's a few card Ideas

Card 1

Slot: Accessory

Effect: Has a low chance of casting Lex Divina on attacker when wearer is target by a single target spell. Chance increased if Int > 77

Text: Some secrets must be kept at all costs...

Prefix/suffix: Of Secret Keeping

Image: A picture of Kafra Roxie with the silence emote in the foreground and another Kafra agent in the background


Card 2

Slot: Headgear

Effect: Increase MATK by X% where X is equal to upgrade level of the headgear. If headgear is upgraded to +10 or higher reduce fixed cast time by 5%

Text: Devoting yourself to the task, like Kafra Pavianna, can bring unexpected results

Prefix/suffix: of Devotion

Image: Kafra Pavianna holding out a glowing object *artists choice* to a novice.


Card 3

Slot: Weapon

Effect: 10% chance of casting level 3 provoke when attacking

Text: Sometimes it takes more then a loud voice to get attention...

Prefix/suffix: of Attention

Image: Kafra Leilah cracking a whip while other Kafra girls are running around with stacks of items


Card 4

Slot: Garment

Effect: Low chance of casting Level 3 heal on wearer when receiving short range damage.

Text: Comforting those who must face the horrors of the world every day

Prefix/suffix: Warming

Image: Image of Kafra Blossom wrapping a bandage around the head of a thief who's sitting on the ground in front of her.


Other Ideas to follow as they come to me
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