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[RML] Bongun [Mitten]

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 08:35 AM

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Ragnarok Monster Lore : Bongun Posted Image

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Bongun is a Chinese (or perhaps in the Ragnarok world might refer them to Payonese?) Hopping Vampire that lurks in the Payon Dungeon. It moves by hopping from one end to another. It was cursed and his body would just reanimate even after death or defeated.


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Bongun and Munak

Bongun was the Chief's Son of Payon long ago. He seems to be deeply inlove with his childhood friend Munak. He was a notable warrior and very talented in painting- this explains the Old Portrait (painting of munak) drop.
Payon was developing at that moment , arts and culture was shaping in Payon and poverty was being tackled. Payon villagers was too caught up in developing their town , they forget their Deity.
To set an example to Payon, the deity cursed the Chief's son and the village of Payon. As a result the Chief's Son ( Bongun) fall ill. Aside from that , the deity also cursed the Payon Cave and raise the dead to attack Payon. (This story is linked to Moonlight)

According to the Payon Shaman , only Munak (Bongun's childhood friend) is able to cure him - by marrying him. Thus they both get married and Bongun curse was lift. But the town is still infested with undead creatures such as zombies and skeletons, that comes from the Cave that attacks at night.
The Chief had hold the ground long enough to keep Payon safe. Later the Chief founded the Archer Village to train young warriors to fight the undead. His own son Bongun and most of the payon lad joined the Archers.

Despite being trained as an archer Bongun excels more at close combat and was known for his skill at sword fight. He carries a sword named Grave Keeper's Sword that was rumoured to be very effective against the undead.

One day they planned on storming the cave and eliminate the source power of the undeads. Bongun. Munak tried to stop his lover. Bongun comforted Munak and promise his return. In reply , Munak gave her childhood doll that resemble her image as a gift to Bongun for good luck. Bongun then hung the doll at the sword hilt.
After some period of time , what remains of them came back from the Cave. The attack was unsuccessful. The dead keep on coming back even after being put down. Unfortunately for Munak , Bongun was killed in the battle.

Munak did not believe what has happened. She wanted to go to cave to find Bongun, but the Chief prohibited her from doing so. Munak was so devestated, that she locked herself up in her room.
Despite the strict orders from the Chief , Munak proceed and sneak to the cave to find Bongun. In the end she was also killed by the Undead and reanimated by Moonlight. Munak did not find Bongun till the very end.

Their rotten bodies can't leave the cold, dark and damp cave, so it's instinctual for them to attack warmth which would speed up the decomposition of their bodies'

The cave up North is the place I used to go to sometimes.
It was harder then now, evil creatures that I'd never seen kept respawning inside without limit.Present monsters are...different from the monsters we used to fight with.

Have you ever happened to see? A lasting grudge coming out of the cave...it was caused from the dead who never came back after going inside the cave to protect this village.(Bongun , Skeleton Archer Warriors and Archers)

Those walking dead make another victim...ah...I am too old to endure such a severe pain...I am too old...

If I can do anything to stop the dead.....If I can do anything....

...(perhaps reminded of his long lost son)

ragnarok npc's in payon :Chief , Waiter, Woman , Archer

Additional Information

i.Bongun love for Munak can be seen through his "Old painting" drops. It has a painting of what seems to be Munak on the canvas.

ii.In Bongun Card , Bongun seems to be evading Munak as Munak was trying to find her lost diary. in addition, a girl's diary, referred to as "Her Heart," is used to tame Bongun as pets.

iii.When the Bongun is captured as a Cute Pet and reaches the "loyal" status, he will often talk about missing Munak.

iv.The paper talisman attached to his hat, animating Bongun, is also torn in half, possibly suggesting that perhaps at some point he got back to his concious and attempt to rip of the talisman to release him from the curse of being an undead.

v.Bongun's Pet Armor, the Grave Keeper's Sword, also has a Munak doll attached to it.

vi.Munak's Grandmother mentioned about Munak marrying the Chief's Son Bongun as an act to save him from a curse.

vii.Munak tame item "no recipient", was actually a love letter or perhaps the last love letter that was never sent to Munak. Some suggested that it was his last letter that was never sent to munak , this can be seen as one of his "performance" actions, he cries over the "worn out scroll" , which is also one of the items dropped by the Bongun when defeated. **Worn out scroll is only dropped by Bongun.

viii. Bongun tame "Her Heart" is actually "Girl's Diary". Munak tame item "No Recipient" = "Worn Out Scroll"

ix. As a Mother's Day 2004 special, Gravity Interactive created an event called "The Celebration of Love" it was held to introduce the love story between Munak and Bongun to the iRO Users. During this event you will find event NPC`s that will start you off on an adventure that will explain the love and the love lost between the Munak and Bongun, as well as explain the history of their love, and the sad story of their loss. The Npc however exist for only short of time , it was added to the game on May 4th and removed May 11th .

x.Munak & Bongun story is recorded in Juno . Their image were engraved to the stone as a memory.

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Question : Why is there alot of Bongun and Munak?

Answer : I think the real Bongun and Munak might be somewhere there , but inspired by their love - Moonlight summoned tons of apparation and copied Bongun and Munak . The apparation according to research might have been similar to Doppelganger ,which have the ability to copy a person but with lower power if compared to the original host. Moonlight then placed them in one location. This was explained when the Hyegun's Event Munaks wanted revenge from her father (Not biological father though) in a quest. When the pet reaches loyal, she also mentioned that the other Munaks were her sisters. (which is contradicting from the original Munak)

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Notable Ending
Bongun soul was captured by whom i believe to be a Necromancer or some kind of magician. Her name is Sherri. She then ask the player to find Bongun's lost personality by recovering Munak's Diary (Girls Diary)
When found , Sherri will give Bongun's Diary and his broken sword.


Well, I have finally managed to encase the soul of a handsome boy ......so why am I sad?

It's because I don't even know how his personality is... say, if you can find me a 'Girl's Diary' about him, I'll give you his diary!Can you please help me?

What I desire is...A 'Girl's Diary' about him...

Really!! You'll help me!

YES! I am forever in your debt!
Here is his diary as promised! Again - Thank you!

Wait! Here's his sword, I found it next to him. But it's broken... I know of a old man just west of Geffen who can fix such a sword!

World Fact Posted Image

Posted Image
Picture reference : http://blogs.desmoin...0/jiangshi3.jpg

Bongun was inspired from Jiangshi , or so called the Chinese Hopping Vampire/zombie direct name translates to 'stiff corpse'. It is a horrific creature that usually hops along, and when it comes across a victim it will suck the life force out of them. (In Chinese, qi.)
The Jiang Shi is said to be raised by a necromancer, or when the soul of a dead man cannot leave his body due to reasons in life, such as they were a horrible troublemaker, or if they commit suicide. The body looks different due to when they were raised. If they are raised soon after death, their appearance looks almost like a normal human, however if they have decomposed some time before they come to life, they can look horrific and ghastly.
Usually they are described as a pale white colour with furry green hair, moss, or mold growing on their flesh. The Jiang Shi also has pale, long white, messy hair atop their heads. They are said to have extremely long tongues and black, sharp fingernails, and they walk along with their arms outstretched.
The Jiang Shi may be distracted if small objects are thrown about, in which case, like most vampires, it will stop to count them. Also, they are blind, and if one holds their breath when it passes, they may remain unnoticed.
Supposedly a 15cm piece of wood nailed to the width of the bottom of the door will stop a Jiang Shi from entering.
The Jiang Shi has many different names, such as Chiang Shi, Kang Shi and Geungsi.

Bongun Drops

When you killed Bongun , it may drop items (the % means the drop chance or rate):

yellow herb (10%)
amulet (0.15%)
worn out scroll (0.6%)
short daenggie (55%)
bongun card (0.01%)
bongun hat(0.01%)
old potrait (0.4%)

Bongun Card

Posted Image
Picture Reference : http://www.ragnarokh...Bongun_Card.jpg

bongun card - Add a 2% chance of auto casting Level 1 Bash on an enemy when attacking.
The Bash skill shoves the enemy 5 cells back.
Receive 100% more damage from Munaks.
[Munak & Hyegun Card Combo]

Bongun Location

- The Endless Tower
- Payon Cave F3
+ 30x / 10 sec
- Payon Cave F4
+ 3x / 10 sec

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 08:51 AM

Very nice. Looking forward to see more on this.
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Posted 05 March 2013 - 09:26 AM

Thanks! I will research more later. :>
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Posted 06 March 2013 - 06:12 AM


This is so sad >_<! But amazing work <3

*pats head*
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Posted 06 March 2013 - 07:55 AM

yay aunt skarlett! Thank u so much! I wil do my best aunt Skarlett!
Yeah i know :( , Their ending was sad
Have a read on Munak's story aunt Skarlett!

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 10:45 PM

how do you find out about these lores? :o!
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Posted 06 March 2013 - 11:22 PM

In Game
Prontera Library
Npc's in Payon
Npc in Comodo
Event NPC from The Celebration of Love (2004 Quest)

Extensive Research and conclusion
Helpful websites and forums such as Rathena ,neoseeker , web archieve
Link from items and other monster lore. As such from zombie lores and moonlight.
Discussion with colleagues and etc.

Most of my research took me days to finalize. I will put some of my reference once i finish editing this thread.

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