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TI Sugg thread

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#1626 Boyeteers


    Too Legit To Quit

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Posted 05 July 2019 - 01:32 PM

Change TI map

Possible map I need

Low : Pyramid F3 or F4
Orc Village
Glast Heim Church yard

Mid : Byalan F5
Juperos F1

High : Scaraba F2
Biolab 3 or 4 << lol
Nameless F2
Prontera Invasion or Destroyed Morroc

I love large maps have a lot of walking areas or camping spots

increase 3-4 times mob spawn numbers make every TI maps overwhelming

I prefered changing Low / Mid TI maps first I'm sick of Payon dungeon 1f / Bossnia map :<

Be careful what you wish for son. You might end up having a ghost ti map.
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#1627 Legendario2300


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Posted 06 July 2019 - 03:42 PM

High TI: Autocaster1 / Autocaster2

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#1628 Batima


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Posted 08 July 2019 - 09:54 AM

High TI: Autocaster1 / Autocaster2


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#1629 Hakobune


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Posted 10 July 2019 - 05:05 AM

If there is no solution for AFK levelers this week, perhaps two to three weeks of non aggro mobs for each TI?


Low: Siorova, Stapo, Solider, Permiter, Poisonous toad, Mi gao, or Clocks.


Mid: Draco, Cornus, Apocalipse. Magmaring, Gremlin, Beholder


High: Bradium Golem, Knocker, Horn Scaraba, Uni Horn Scaraba, Fire Condor


Doing these would allow you to test whether or not it is auto casters messing up the spawns (We are pretty sure it is but wouldn't hurt to experiment and be absolutely sure.)

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#1630 Vhaaaan


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Posted 10 July 2019 - 03:00 PM

High TI:

Excavator Robot
Faithful Manager
Big Bell
Big Ben
Exploration Rover
Repair Robot
Repair Robot Turbo
Fruit Pom Spider
Green Cenere
Immortal Corps
Killer Mantis
Nightmare Ancient Mummy
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#1631 SeiginoYuusha


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Posted 10 July 2019 - 03:22 PM


Dark Shadow




Aqua Elemental





Pot Dofle

King Dramoh

Skeleton General

Zombie Master




Bow Master (Bow Guardian)

Sword Master (Sword Guardian)

Incarnation Morroc Angel (Incarnation Morroc 1)

Incarnation Morroc Spirit / Ghost (Incarnation Morroc 4)

Nightmare Ancient Mummy

Nightmare Arclouse

Nightmare Mimic

Big Ben

Big Bell

Cursed Book

Neo Punk

Arc Elder

Rock Step


Abandoned Teddy Bear

Decorated Evil Tree

Evil Dwelling Box

Vicious Cookie
Dancing Marionette

Malicious Baby Ghost

Combat Basilisk Red

Combat Basilisk Green

Jungle Mandragora

Fruit Pom Spider


Swamp Arclouze (Rockridge Arclouse)

Brown Rat (Rockridge Cramp)

Buffalo Bandit Sharpshooter

Buffalo Bandit Duelist

Bowie Buffalo Bandit

Elite Buffalo Bandit

Elite Buffalo Bandit 2

Elite Buffalo Bandit 3

Evil Shadow 1

Evil Shadow 2

Evil Shadow 3

Gigantes 1

Gigantes 2

Ancient Medium Gigantes

Large Gigantes 1

Large Gigantes 2

Ancient Gigantes

Immortal Corps

Immortal Zombie Soldier

Immortal Fortress Legio

Immortal Zombie Assault

Immortal Cursed Zombie

Immortal Commander

Immortal Angry Shadow

Immortal Death Shadow

Immortal Nightmare Shadow

Immortal Windghost

Immortal Cursed Knight

Restless Dead

Resentful Soldier

Sweet Nightmare

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#1632 JoaquinAndres


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Posted Yesterday, 01:18 AM

cowraiders class 1 and 2 tq :)

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