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Some useful links on RO2

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 12:42 PM

Hey everyone I don't know if this has been posted yet but I have some database links for Ro2 that give info about equips, materials, etc. You guys might find it useful during the beta. If there was already a post similar to this just delete this damn post. lol

For mats, gears, etc By far the have the most useful information in my opinion. Not so bad but they're working on it..still good to use though.
For skill builds Someone posted this one earlier-I just found out about this one. Nice find. This was the one I used. It could use a lot more work but I think its dead now.

But yeah I think ro2database and now the ro2base are really useful. You guys can plan things ahead instead of wasting those 5 days figuring things out-like I did when I started the other version. Some people will want to test all class out during the beta and some will just go straight to do quests and focus only one 1 character. This obviously kill our limited time to enjoy the beta so having a main priority during the beta wouldn't be a bad idea. Just saying.

On class and profession.
The most useful class are the ranged fighters such as rangers, sorcs, and wiz. You can be sure to find a party with those class and the needed are obviously the tanks and healers. But don't let the popular classes pressure you into making one just play what you want to play. Who knows maybe warrportal and the crew decided to kick things up a notch unlike that crap from asia. Maybe we might get 193 aspd lol jk

The most proficient professions will be the alchies and chefs simply because of the stat boost. But if you're a smart player you would make all profession for your account so you can stack potions and food. It will do wonders... we're talking about 5-10+ crit'll be critting like a mofo as a sin or ranger-especially rangers lol
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