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Where do I go from here (Rogue Advice)

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#1 Jimmy5990


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Posted 23 June 2013 - 03:10 PM

Here's a link to my current skill allocations.
I'm looking for a pvp build that can be pve viable.
I'm only lvl 29 atm but I want to map out where I should be putting skills for the future.
Could I get some advice on where to put the remainder?

Thank you ^_^
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#2 Velouce


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Posted 27 June 2013 - 01:08 AM

I've written a guide for the questionable skills, especially for people who want to participate in Colosseum - http://forums.warppo...s-reconsidered/

First off, max Double Attack, Combo Mastery and Deadly Blow. They are your core skills. Then max Doping

Add one point at least in Dirty Plan, get Gangsters Paradise to at least 3 (get it to 4 or 5 later if you feel the need).

The 4 points in Dagger Throw are a big mistake if you ask me. But I'll add to this later.

The point in Mark of Death could be a mistake. The only situation where I can think of using this skill effective is when a boss enrages, in combination with a STR Boost Potion and Guardian activated, but it's pretty useless in PvP and not necessary in PvE as well.

Same for the maxed Combo Training. It's a matter of taste, but I can't really see the advantage of having 10% higher chance to get 1 Combo Point. Combo Mastery - maxed - outshines Combo Training by far and should be maxed doubtlessly.

Moonlight Drive: useless from 1-4, very very questionable at 5. 2 Double Attacks and 1 Deadly Blow deal the same damage as Moonlight Drive, and the time needed is pretty equal as well. MD is like 0,1 seconds faster, or even less. So it wont signifantly raise your DPS. The best use I can think off is to save it up for when Combo Mastery procs, then cast SB and use Moonlight Drive on top to deal extra damage with the skill.

Genocide Mark - I always found it useful, but this only counts for the early times of gaming. At a certain point when you are level 50 with epic gears, you will notice that this skill is pretty much a waste of points. Raising Crit by 2% really isn't making any difference.

For PvP:

The best way to fnd out what you need is by testing, since opinions for this are differenting enormously.

My personal opinion (comming from someone who wins Colosseum a lot):
Rogues are probably the most favorized target in Colosseum, everyone bashs on us, and th best way to protect yourself is to stay hidden. This is why I recommend maxing Smoke Bomb and at least adding 1 point into Dirty Plan.

Since I prefer staying hidden for the most time, I also maxed Dark illusion and Hide. Hide level1 is damn slow, and it will be hard even when using Dark illusion if your targets run away at low HP. But that is for you to find out for yourself.

Dark Illusion is doubtlessly the best skill for killstealing. It's instant, teleports you to the target and when maxed, it can deal up to 2k damage. The only disadvantage is, you can't use it outside of hide.

Dagger Throw: Since you've already maxed it, consider using it instead of Dark Illusion. Also when unhidden, try to tab through targets and use it. The problem is, this skill damn dagger flies so damn slow, it's like in those cartoons where someone is able to run from a bullet/ rocket.

However, if you really are only level29, maybe you should consider starting over again, depending on how serious you play this game. Leveling with a Thief/Rogue is very fast, especially when maxing Double Attack and Deadly Blow. It's better than spending (by now it's 1700zeny) money on skill resets later. Also just in case to prevent other possible mistakes: How did you set up your bonu stats?

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