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Earth Shield lvl 1

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#1 kerida


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Posted 10 July 2013 - 07:07 AM

How much do people actually care about their Earth Shield level?  Is anyone, short of high-end raids, actually going to not take you based on an Earth Shield level?


I've mained a priest and been in parties with sorcs and never really cared about having a <20% earth shield.  I usually just love them for their LoR spam.  Other buffs like agi/int though, I love seeing maxed.  Now I'm making a sorc (hybrid) and I'm always just a few points short, no matter how I try to build it.  Those extra 4 points in Earth Shield seem the most sacrifice-able in favor of maxing other skills like Deluge, LoR and Earth Seal.


I'm trying to build hybrid for ease of soloing and a little dabbling in colosseum, but I'm not going to sacrifice party skills for pvp skills.

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#2 Faythe


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Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:51 AM

I'm sure there are players that care but the buff itself is overhyped and a bit misleading in my opinion.  The biggest benefactor of the buff are knight tanks since they just have straight up defense with no modifiers to boost it unlike the other tanks and the other classes basically wear one-ply toilet paper.  You will see every now and then players surviving an AoE with maybe a sliver of health and can claim that 5/5 ES saved their lives.  Imo you can go 1/5 but will get called out and will have to defend yourself.  I have seen 1/5 Sorcs get kicked if found out in a few cases.  In a raid I'm sure more often than not there will be a Sorc that has 5/5 so you should be able to get away with 1/5 most of the time.  Hard dungeons are irrelevant and pretty much a joke after a few pieces of gear.


I have 5/5 and when I was initially making my Sorc I was thinking of leaving it at 1/5 but friends said it was a must have so I caved in(even though I was more support focused).  Afterwards I felt a bit cheated out of my 4 points :(

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