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Some question about Champ's skills

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#1 gnxx


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Posted 22 September 2013 - 08:14 AM

Hi! I'm quite new with this game and I want to ask some opinion from people about the skills since there aren't may discussion about champ's skills


1. is it worth the SP for leveling up Soul Wreck for 2h champ? or lv 1 is enough because it has the same mute duration and leveling up only increase the damage (and mp consumption)?


2. Berserk, is this worth it? both for pvp and pvm assuming solo play? It only increase damage for 30 secs and eat up 50% of MP (and a lot of HP at lv 1)

I imagine skill that drain MP (IIRC there's one but I forgot the name) will kills champs since champs has quite low MP


3. Berserker's cry, the debuff aoe for champ. You need 31~35 SP to take it and I don't think it worth it to use it. Anyone find it useful? And using all other 3 debuff for 1 enemy also seems to take too long for me...


4. Anyone can tell me how good it is to build up ASPD? I thought it only affect basic attack right? So is it actually only useful for spear champ since 2h and axe has quite a lot of skills? or actually most of the skills from 2h and axe are useless and it is better to use basic attack?

also, are there a max/limit on ASPD like the limit for crit?


5. Dodge doesn't seems to be good even with spear champ dodge buff right? so is dodge/MSPD substat useless or the MSPD is really useful for some reason that I don't aware of?


6. how much accurancy is usually considered enough? I have around 1,6k and still has quite a lot of miss... is this still quite low?



thanks in advance for any input

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#2 siamore


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Posted 22 September 2013 - 10:32 AM

hi better ask a champion in game, someone with alot of knowledge will say ;)


this forum isnt that active

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