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new skill tree & general newbie questions

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 05:37 PM

since my dealers only 89 atm I probably wont reach 100 and job change before the 24 hour reset runs out, so I've got a few questions about the new skill tree.


It mentioned on the skill update notice the crafting skills were condensed, I couldn't really tell from drunken monkeys post which skills were what etc and looking at the old tree you'd run out about halfway through.


1) If I wanted to max all crafting skills, is that possible and are there any leftover points for attack skills, summons etc.

*edit* eyeballing artisan tree image, looks like 60-80 points in artisian crafting tab?



2) How many skills are there that aren't initially in the normal skill tree? unique skills etc that I should save points for. I'm a big fan of summons and will probably alt level with a summon cleric.


3) my dealer has face item crafting with 9 levels in it, should this be reset and use a lesser amount of skill points? can I take more than one unique skill?


4 ) is there some option I can use so I don't have to right click on items to see their substats? can keys be re-bound at all?


5) whats the new SP total for stats at max level? using rescudo's calc but it only goes up to 220.


6) I can't seem to see the summon gauge on screen, does this thing still exist? do capsule pets still take up summon gauge? if I max the gauge can I summon a merc + a knight or just a knight?

*edit* ok found summon gauge, had to summon something first :P


7) do summons benefit from attack speed, or just the stats they have listed?



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