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Rogue and Assassin Role in PvP

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#1 Dextrure


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 07:31 PM

Which is more useful for pvp, Rogue or Assassin?

and what role do in pvp?


I'm learning to play, what would you recommend? I have experience with rogue in WoW, its similar??

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#2 jellopyking


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 11:45 PM

no idea about WoW but usefuleness in PvP?, sureley every class aims to be useful in pvp, but if u were to ask which is better suited for pvp, i'd have to say assassin

let me tell you the ways of pvp, theres a natural bad blood between ranged classes and melee classes, but because rogues don't have a movement speed buff, they're a far slower and easier prey.

assassins can jump + stun to a target at any time, whereas a rogue can only jump to a target while hidden (which can only be done at the start of a round and every after successful smoke bomb) (not to mention smokebomb's long cd, Dots/aoes(including from pets) also cancel it which is why timing and appropriateness of usage is crucial)

rogue's effective stun can only be used when he/she has a number of combo points..

sins have a defensive buff which is quite useful (again, can be triggered at will), rogue's have heal over time which is yet again, only effective at max combo points.

sins also have this smoke coming out of their ass that makes them a bit intimidating, and rogues, well.. they look like pussie version of sins


and roles.. be an upstanding citizen thief and rip the -_- out of ranged classes.

here is the thief's diet pyramid







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#3 Dextrure


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Posted 10 October 2013 - 02:55 AM

Thank you, has been very useful, I try to assassin :)

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#4 halpme


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Posted 07 November 2013 - 04:12 AM

I know I am a month late but I want to say that Rogues are better than Assassin at PvPing despite being slow. Why do I say this? It's because Rogues are better at KSing than Assassins. You can easily get to the final round with Smoke Bomb and lvl 5 Dark Illusion. Simply stack up Adrenaline Rush and get 3-4 kills every round. I don't often have to get out hiding and fight someone one on one. I usually swoop in for the kill, then vanish. Try to stay within the advancing ranks and you can just chill.  I have won a few games shortly after getting to lvl 50. Since I don't play this game anymore for an abundance of reasons, I want to share my strategies that I think is the best for Rogues in Colo.


What you really need:

1) Potions for Adrenaline Rush and to heal(duh!)

2) Maxed Unstable Doping, Smoke Bomb, and Dark Illusion(very crucial for PvPing Rogues!!!)

3) Wind Elixirs( mainly for 4th and 5th rounds where it gets very chaotic.)


Here is how I play:

1) Make sure Adrenaline Rush is maxed.

2) Hide before the round begins.

3) Try to kill someone with Dark Illusion(1) ASAP so the cooldown on Smoke Bomb will be finished sooner.

4) Use Smoke Bomb right away.

5) Wait 100 seconds for cooldown to be done.

6) Use Dark Illusion(2) and Smoke Bomb right away.

7) Another Dark Illusion(3) and finally use Dirty Plan if you really have to for Dark Illusion(4)!


If you played right, the cooldowns on Smoke Bomb and Dirty Plan are going to be useable at the right time.


More tips and tricks:

1) Don't bother wasting your KS except for that one free KS from the initial hiding at the beginning. Wait until the last minute to be ranked higher because you will get dropped in rank quite fast in the beginning, so save those KSings for the near end where you're ranked pretty high. Ideally, you want to KS at the beginning, Smoke Bomb right away, hide until the last minute, and do a maximum of 3 more Dark Illusions.

2) If you got killed for some reason, spam the Hide skill so you get another Dark Illusion. The only downside is you won't have the buff from Unstable Doping.

3) Be careful with Dirty Plan. Don't use it when you are really safe from elimination because using Smoke Bomb at the very end might mess up your timing of the cooldowns for the next round. Also, by using Dirty Plan, you're vulnerable for DoT skills(especially from Rangers, Wizards, and Priests) during the long cast time. I suggest using this after killing someone in isolated spots.(ex. someone killing mobs and low on health or in the room hiding.)

4) Try to stay in stealth 99% of the time. Honestly, just trust me on this. I laugh at those Rogues running around and getting slaughtered by people and myself! :heh:

5) Despite what everyone says about being invincible like when Gangster Paradise is active and you using Master Red pots, don't do it. You will get annihiliated very quick by those Rangers and Sorcerers.

6) Dark Illusion on people with less than 2k HP, or about 1.5k or less for tank classes.

7) Save your guardian,wind elixirs, and spinel pots for the Round 4 & 5.

8) Use the cheap pots to achieve maxed Adrenaline Rush during preparation. You can buy the 500HP pots for pretty cheap in the Colo rooms. Save those Master Reds for when you need them in the round or need a fast W.Attk boost midgame.

9) Sometimes you shouldn't use Smoke Bomb right away because people will use an AoE attack to reveal you. You can move away from the spot a little bit from where you KSed someone and use Smoke Bomb for safety.

10) Keep a good distance(10m+) from Warriors and Monks while in hide! These pests like to use their AoE attacks randomly.

11) If you really have to fight someone, then Crescent Moon and Moonlight Dance are your friends.

Well, I am just going to leave this short guide here for PvPing Rogues. Good luck to y'all and I am done with this game! :p_idea:

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