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Rank my warrior build

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#1 Tyrcard


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Posted 01 November 2013 - 05:32 PM

Hey everyone, I'm new to all this RO2 stuff after playing RO1 for a 4th of my life and then some action mmorpgs after I quit it. And here I am, wondering if you could rank my hybrid warrior build and give me tips or something. Especially for colosseum.


Having a hard time there somehow. Today I was hitting some Alter who was afking for a while, then he started healing himself and I couldn't do crap to reduce his HP bellow 50%. That includes stunning and knocking him down... While I've seen other ppl 1HKO alters like no tomorrow. It might not be the main reason, but I blame the colo stat scalling as it gives no damn int for warriors and my precious battle tactics are crap without it.


Not to mention this mad mad MAD targeting system! In PvE it's somewhat ok, but in colo... Can target with mouse only if I catch ppls' feet or health bar which is impossible with max zoomout, and TAB targeting ALWAYS selects someone who's a mile away from me instead of who's in front of me, and after spamming the dirty button I often realize I've lost my prey or I've become his *****. Hoping devs will change the targeting system to either classic or action rpg type. A fusion between those is seriously BAD!


OK, enough of my endless ranting. I present thee my warrior build:




Not including cards cause I've no idea what high lvl cards there are, yet. And if I did, I dunno which way I'd go for, yet. Anyways, expecting to do some main tanking, offtanking, critting like a mad -_-, pvping and soloing mobs and bosses with this build. Possible or nah?



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#2 KuroHono


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Posted 01 November 2013 - 05:57 PM

Your build is more PvE type. Looks a lot like an OT build. I highly suggest taking 2 points off Brandish Storm and 1 Point off Parrying because in the end, warriors will be capped on Parry (High STR in gears). Probably would want to put the points into Bash or Aura Strike. Other than that, your build is fine in my opinion.



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#3 pollenpetal


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 09:30 AM

We almost have the same build. Well done! This build is PVE and PVP type. Now it all depends on your gears and cards.

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