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2H Champ - ¿Honor Gear?

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#1 benitro


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 01:57 AM

Hi people !!


First of all MERRY CHRISTMA'S (and Happy Holidays too!!).

I need your thoughts in a situation i'm stuck. I'm going to explain some things so you can see what i'm planning / where am I.

I'm doing my first pvp char. It is a 2H champ. For gear, He's equipped with a reinforced set with 50/40 as substats. Same for mask and back. As sword, he have a the exalted one with a tanzanite on it. As you can see, it's a crittype build.

After a few days of doing CD, i managed to reach 2500 honor points, so i can get 2 pieces of honor armors. The logic question here is... Which one I should buy? Some things I want to have clear before i take a decision:

- I like the crit type build, think it's not the best build to do, but cheaper than others. I hope in the future i will buy or farm the epic sword so the build will be more consistent between crits and damage.

- My objective it's not to be a monster with nice damage output but without chasing ability (you know, full aoe under the xtal haha). The perfect situation would be an off-tank. Not the best damage, but nice movspeed to chase those noisy/bully raider/scouts.

Let's talk about the gear i checked. I wont talk about luminous, i don't think that's for me:

- First one i thought was chiva set. Nice damage, good defence, and as for a full set more tanky sh!t. I guess hyper tanks go this way.

- Glorious... it's a xbow knight for sure (maybe spear type idk). Nice global stat, but that useless dex... discarded.

- The precious set i find it interesting. AS + movspeed it's cool (with a typhoon set would be 400 free movspeed), nice global stats when all the set is equipped (those CON and 100 ap ara sweet for me)... but again im really confused.
- A mix/max of precious and chiva? I guess it's more standard because you maybe don't get the 100 AP from the full precious set, but you gain +140 Ap from 2 pieces of chiva (ik, depending on which pieces lol). Also, idk if the movspeed from precious is wasted (not as fast to chase ppl as is needed).

Well, I'm thinking on a precious set with the 50/40 mask and back, an arua set with p7 and 2 sunstones on chest and wep  OR  a 2chiva/2precious with the mask and back again, and a typhoon set + d7 on it with the 2 sunstones again on chest and wep. I think the first one is more specialized and the second maybe lacks some movspeed (wasted typhoon? xD).

Which are your opinions in this?

Thanks in advance!!!

Best Regards and happy holidays to everyone,


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#2 benitro


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Posted 27 December 2013 - 02:31 AM

I guess it is too long to read xD


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#3 FireJin


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Posted 06 January 2014 - 11:29 AM

Are you planing on war pvp too? Or you just want to build for War/CD?

I like to see some champs thinking of catching some runners beside stand in one place and keep spamming there aoe. So I could help u to build one as you prefer.

This build in my opinion is only for War/Cd as you prefer on catching runners. But I suggest you to have both Chiva and precious in the situation that you are facing all closed range users.

First Skill:
- you are suppose to have champion training unique passive and champion's footing. These two skill will help you to get more maps and you can use other gem or stone in precious set beside sagi stone. With high cleric buff, you would get 1700+ mspd. That is high enough to catch some.
- you should have repose in some case you are catching and out of party heal. You have Hp recovery to help you can stay alive longer.
- don't take berserk's cry. You would waste 35 sp from it if you don't just stand and spam aoe like most champs do because the skill is pretty slow to spell and it is only 8m range on 2 hands. You could miss use it when you trying to debuff runners. Let other champs rebuff them.
- you also should spare some skill points for accuracy passive, don't need to max it.
- you also should have PvP Geon. The unique skill that give impressive dodge down.
- Also Berserk Tome, use it in case you are catching runner and no one attack you. It is pretty useful, I remember i got highest dog on one spear champ.

Second stat.
- you should have high str, I suggest to have 350 str(not include str passive). This will help you on more ap, hp, def and a bit on debut/buff.
- as my personal. I don't prefer to have high con because if use chiva or precious set, your con won't be really useful to hit raiders properly. So I suggest one 100-150 along with some lvl of your accu passive and big dodge down. That would be good enough chance to hit.
- Have some charm for your str buff, PvP. Geon and Piercing strike skill. Suggest to have 100 charm base rate. That would give good str buff for more ap.
- a bit dex for ap. suggest not over 100.
- the rest in sen.

Last gear:
I will go with precious set as you like

- I suggest you to have 2 set to try what you prefer.
1. Junon Ring, Hiria's tear and Combat Earing or Balance Earing. (This set is for AP/Debuff Set) you would have enough crit to crit Mage, cleric only. But your ap with berserk on precious set will be fine to take down some runner.
- Gem that will be useful: R7, D7, Gemini Stone
2. Luna set. Suggest for D7. Don't go for pure crit as T7 because you have low ap with Luna T7. Or if you can get Luna 25/50 that would be good.

Gear Precious.
- Suggest gem for R7, D7 or Gemini Stone. Your choice

- use Star glass 25/50. If cannot make it, just use Ashura 25/50

1. If you can get Manabreak, that would be good as well because you have some charm. Try to Manabreak champs. Make them cannot berserk.
2. if you face Enemies in CD that full of closed range users, better use Chiva set with first access I suggest. You would have over 3k ap, and just spam Aoe like other champs, mute cleric and Mage.
3. This build if for War only, not War pvp or pvp

If you have any question, feel free to ask. Or if you are playing in Draconis, you can contact me on Pambee or BetaBeater.
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#4 benitro


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Posted 07 January 2014 - 07:50 AM

Hi Beta!!

First of all, thx for your answer. It's quite amazing when one of the best players in ROSE spend his/her time helping newbies. I really appreciate that and again, i thank you for your help.

Well, 3 or 4 days after this post, seeing that no one was answearing, i just started to test some things. I bought a precious set (all pieces), and went in to CD with arua jewellery and a 50/40 mask and back (clean, 0 stones on gear/jewell). I saw pretty fast that Chiva would be required in the future (objective I am working on right now).


Practically all your advices opened my mind in some aspects, specially the pvp GEON and the 2 jewell sets.

Before i start to discuss some points and add others, i want to say that i'm searching for a well balanced build. Well, actually, i really want to make the "chasebuild" my primary role in the team, but a "hypertanky" isn't a build that i disagree. So, my objective is, when changing sets, specialize my playstyle.


For skills, 100% agree. I will maybe change some points, because I prefer not to take the hp recovery and max the acc passives (pots, pots pots). With the 2 unike passives, i think a champion must be unstopable. Of course, movspeed passive must be taken and a big "eeeew!!" for berserk's cry haha.
Stats...well, at this point is where i disagree the most with you, but only in 1 thing: the CON.

350 STR, perfect, charm 100, a must, dex? well 60 points on my case are worth for me, so added. CON... i guess that for a CD champ who wants to kill those annoying runners-rangeds, with 195CON (150base + 15mask+30precious set), u can get near them, use that pvp geon and have a nice % of hit rate success. Trying to build a well rounded champ, once you unequip the precious set, i think that maybe is too low for a 1vs1 situations. I'm still testing it but i find it fast. I will w8 until i have some stones equipped because i'm not 100% sure. As you said, is your personal opinion and seeing that you are one of the masters here, i'll apply it for now. I reserved 4k points and at the end of the testing, i will decide what to do with this. I'm thinking on upgrading that CON from 150 to 200, making it 245 with ashura's + precious, and put the rest of points into SEN (actually 200), but i'm not sure. I will keep you informed, and of course, i would like to know what do you think about this point.

Talking about jewellery, i allways thought that Arua is the way to go, but man, that junon + hirias + balanced is making me crazy haha. With this charm, obviously hirias is a must have (why i didnt see this b4??), the balanced earring would make my "accfobia" less important and, why not, 100AP is really nice. As for stones, i think i'll follow the R7 path, with maybe a D7 on that ring. The Luna Set, i never test it in pvp, but ima work on it asap. Also, I found that a typhoon set with stargate (3%acc 3%AP) is quite usefull too, with that 150 free movspeed... i would appreciate your thoughts on this too :D.



Finally, i'm sure i will have more questions about this but, having ppl like you helping me, i know that i will build my perfect champ. I want you to know that i didn't writed this text disrespectly to you. I really REALLY appreciate your help. and i hope you can help me in the future!!

Bbest regards,


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#5 FireJin


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Posted 07 January 2014 - 08:53 AM

The build stat I do suggest and skill it going to be suited for both chiva and precious set in the case you need to switch play style in each game.

To my style the main target I killed is Mage. And I prefer to kill them as son as I can. So chiva is pretty need. My build with chiva +64 buff I have 3.2k AP. After mute them I need only a few more hit to kill them. And the second Target is Champ ( in case their side has 3 clerics+).

So your build with high con would make you suffer on Chiva set and if you have to fight another champ.

Then I suggest you to have many accessory for precious and chiva.

On precious set
1. You better go for lava 75 accu or 50/40 if you prefer to kill raider faster. Accu is needed. Your crit won't get any better closed to them. With good raiders build. They would have at least 1.8k crit rate. So cut off your crit set and give more accu is better

2. As I see you prefer to have more con, then I suggest you to take accuracy passive. You will get benefit on that. You should try wear precious and accu set that you want to do chase play, then try with high buff and see if your accu is at least 2k, you are good to go for catching.

On Chiva. (Mean dodge users are the last target because you won't get any accuracy near to hit them properly, so I would not mention anything about accuracy) as I mentioned before if you on Chiva set and have high con, you would waste your stat point on that because it is useless to take down another champ. So I have solution on Lava 75 accu or 50/40 instead on precious set to make you can use stat point in other stat.

1. Yep I suggest you to use first set I mention. Boost your str is the important one. With 160 charm you would have around 47 str buff that would give more ap than waste 100 charm in to something else. About earring is your choice. I use combat earring currently.

2. About luna set. This set give the most critical for champs (this not include Axe champ). It give 13% critical(325 critical rate). But it is kinda lag of AP. So if you want to try this set. Better go for 25/50 stat or D7.

Note - About typhoon set, I would not suggest. Because 1700 mspd alone is fast enough to chase since now switching gears is off so they cannot switch gears to run away while you attack. So boost more mspd is kinda useless. And typhoon is lag of AP and accu even you use it with stargate

Anyway, feel free to ask more opinion. :D
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#6 benitro


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Posted 09 January 2014 - 01:38 AM

Heya Beta,

I'll be testing all this stuff once i can (I'm busy these days).

As soon as i can, i will be informing all of u (i hope this topic can help others).

thx for all.

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