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protect the land event

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#1 gamergod420


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Posted 28 March 2014 - 04:15 PM

here is a new idea of mine


quest event title::

protect the land event


general idea of event ::


the monsters all freak out and hell brakes loose every and all monsters start attacking every one even them selfs and all towns no one is safe it is your mission to find the reason to this random mysteries phomenon why have they gone insane what started it


part 1:: the monsters are everywhere and are killing every1 for no reason why is this happening the town elder sends out a message to all players for  help to figure out and discover the the cause of what started this all

part 2: as you all are serching and fighting creatures you come  to a very dark forest  thas spring up from out of nowhere every1 notices this and instintly heads for the dark forest no1 can see at all  in  the creepy dark forest all you can do is hear the monsters around you fighting each other in the middle of the forest

part 3:: while walking blindly into the dark every1 is serching and getting attacked deeper into the forest there is a destroyed green crystal  thats that looks like it fell from space you notice that there is blood all over the crystal and that the middle of the crystal a monster is looking straight at you you decide that has to be the cause of this all walking up to the crystal it shatters out comes the creature it grows into a giant elite powerfer angry king boss monster which  you have never seen befor it instantly attacks with out warning all you can do is defend your self tell back up arives

while you are fighting every1 hears you yelling for back up finnaly you have some partners all of a sudden the giant monster screems out a load call and all of the monsters start running and heading to his side soon thousands of monsters at attacking you and every other player hours into battle every monster has been killed off except the king monster  tons of players have died in battle the reaming players teams up to form a powerfull party to combine there attacks  into one reaming powerfull devistatting attack with there last bit of strength they charge and cast there attack aiming for the creatures heart they strike the remaining crystal shatters as  the creature is destroyed for good


map location ::dark forest



xp some cash and the remaining party gets a statue in the main city for there bravery of defeating the evil creature


any other information::

all players welcomed to event

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#2 ShazamO


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Posted 31 March 2014 - 09:18 AM

I like the general idea of the quest gamergod420 :ok:

Mind adding more detail? Thanks!

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