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my card ideas

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#1 liloaznangel


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Posted 04 November 2010 - 04:33 PM

All cards: Reduce damage from Demi-humans by 5%

Defolty wishes for your well being on your adventures as you visit her to use Kafra services.
of Life / Shield
Vit +3 Max HP +10% HP regen +5%

Glaris doesnâ??t just wear glasses to look smart. This wise Kafra is more than happy to share her knowledge.
of Wisdom / Weapon
Int +3 Matk +10% SP regen +5%

Sorin is too cute that many like to flirt with this Kafra, but you will have to be fast if you wish to win her heart.
Lovely / Accessory
Dex +3 Hit +10% Decrease variable cast time by 5%

Telling wants to be helpful by stretching your supplies, even if you visit her less to use Kafra storage.
Handy Footwear /
Agi +3 Increases the effectiveness of HP and SP restoring items by 15%

Bennit and her cute short hair is a welcomed sight to those in need of Kafra services.
Rushed / Headgear
Str +3 Increase Aspd by 5% Enables use of Decrease Agi 3

Debril wishes you luck in your adventures and awaits your return when you need a Kafra.
of Fortune / Garment
Luk +3 Crit +5% Enables use of Gloria 3

Green Hair Comodo < No description until I get a name >
of the Sea / Weapon / Reduces damage from Demi-humans and Fish by 5%
Str +3 Endows weapon with Water property. Increases damage against Demi-humans by 10%

Blue Hair Juno < No description until I get a name >
Floating / Garment
Agi +3 Perfect Dodge +10 Auto-casts Quagmire 1 when receiving damage.

Blue Hair Juno < No description until I get a name >
Windy / Headgear
For each level of refinement up to 7, the respective level of Mild Wind is enabled.

??? (Niff Defolty) This mysterious Kafra from Nifflheim takes on the appearance of Defolty so that people wouldnâ??t fear her.
Lonely / Armor / Reduces damage from Demi-humans, Undead, and Demon by 5%
Changes user to Ghost Property. If armor is upgraded +5 or greater, all stats +1

If the cards seem like too much then the +3 can be reduced to +2 Also, if I've used a prefix/sufix that has been used before, I'm sorry but amesani is gone so I couldn't look stuff up.

I seem to be having problems uploading the pcitures I drew of the Kafras >_<

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#2 Wosungree


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 05:08 PM

I like the Mild Wind Hat--really creative. The ghost kafra would be awesome in that new boss armor drop /slur
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