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So many questions about crescentia!

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Posted 18 April 2014 - 04:05 AM

Hi, there's not really much to do at endgame so I decided to try another class and I picked crescentia. I've got quite a few questions about the class so I'd appreciate crescentia players enlightening me on a few things! :) I'd like my crescentia to be a strong damage dealer in PvE however I fully understand that PvP will always be the endgame of ro2 no matter which way you put it. Thus, I'd like to make a build that is viable in both environments.


My first question is about STR and INT on crescentia, I know of some that go for a STR stat spread and some that go for an INT stat spread. Looking through the skill tree, most of crescentia's core skills (and ones strong in PvP) revolve around MATK such as furnunculus, earth worm and crucio, and the fact that cres gets a lot of magic power and INT from gears. Out of the usable PATK cres skills, STR just seems to impact diem wind (is this even used in PvP?), contingency and tempest. Is INT cres much better in all ways than STR cres or am I not understanding something here?


Next question I have is about stigma.. as an assassin player I am very used to gathering and spending combo points in enders, however there doesn't seem like there is much going on for stigma. You can gather stigma reliably with a 5/5 diem wind, but the only expenditure for it is through tempest, curse burst (which is MATK) and LoD (bad for PvP, and MATK). So I'm not all too sure what the point of going for a stigma build is when there isn't much to take advantage of it. Stigma mastery sounds like the biggest use of it as I'm assuming it is applied for all party members, however for cres alone they are not a class that relies on crit themselves. Stigma as a whole doesn't sound very strong for PvP reasons as it's not like I want to diem wind people. tl;dr how good is stigma? Am I missing something?


Those are my main two questions, but I have a few skill-specific enquiries too.


Raw tilt vs. Blindness: Which is stronger for PvP? Raw tilt is way too awesome to give up for PvE reasons however blindness seems like it'd be stronger in PvP. Is it viable to have a build with both? I can imagine raw tilt still being useful against healers as I imagine they are troublesome matchups.


Imperio: By "acceleration" does this mean vigor? Haste? Cast speed? If it's cast speed then it seems like there would only be very specific uses for this in PvP aside from the chance of mayhem happening. I'm not quite sold in putting points into this, I'd like some opinions on imperio and mayhem.


Land of darkness: This is going into my build simply for ML20 grinding (currently at ML1) and resetting once maxxed out, however I'm wondering if it's any good for PvE? If you can keep a land of darkness stacked on top of a boss, is the damage output significant or too weak to bother with?


Contingency: Bad? Good? Average? Can't really put a finger on this skill.


This is the skilltree that seems obvious to me at the moment but I still have a lot of skill points to spend. They're probably going to be spread into diem wind, imperio+mayhem or contingency depending on the advice I get here. http://forum.roguard...31115a30033500/


Thanks for reading, I hope I get some insight into how this class functions :P

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 02:13 PM

**Sub-topic: Relation between Int and Str**

Other than the fact that Bram Gush has been tested to actually be Physical (not Magical), you do have a clear perspective of how such skills are sorted out. The worst deal is actually in the damage formula, which forces physical attack damage to be less than magical attack damage regardless of build. However, since only 2% of your damage is governed by your stats, it's not like this has a huge significance. There is additionally the projected changes for Crescentia (which is generally attempting to make physical skills more efficient in comparison). However, until the actual damage formula is adjusted, getting use from any physical skill at this time is rather.. difficult.

**Sub-topic: Applying Stigma**

As someone who has greatly enjoyed the proper use of Stigma skills, I can share some insight here. First off, I'm saying that I have done well with a Stigma build, but I am not saying I'm a Str build. Curse Burst's damage formula is way more amped up than the skill makes it look (this skill hits hard), working similar to Land of Darkness to (Tempest however does not share this value very well. After all, Tempest does a third of the damage from Death Grip as well, or basically double the damage of Curse Burst if both have full stigma). The general strategy is to use your skills to apply stigma to one or many enemies (CB and LoD are both AoE), using either DW or IB with Stigma Thread, or using Bram Gush. During this process, you want an LoD on the ground at all times. Once you have capped out stigma, go rapid fire with CB. This combo generates considerable AoE damage (or basically, Stigma is efficient in AoE). However, at this time, punching up Stigma has not been a viable tactic in PvP, Stigma is best used in PvE. Future class changes may influence this too.

Additionally, Stigma Mastery is a one-time bonus for attacking a target you have any number of stigma applied to, and it only affects you. The mastery levels for it however double the duration of Stigma, so that you can use Cursed Burst twice as long.

**Sub-topic: Blind vs Latilt**

Latilt is generally viewed as getting a lot more usage over Blind. In normal single target grinding, Latilt might get more usage in general (as no one ever Blinds in that situation), but both for strong bosses (see Pre-AoV) and in PvP, both skills get used in large quantities, but Latilt still gets used more. When you isolate a target you want killed, that target gets Latilt applied for most of the battle. If it's a boss battle, and the boss is about to use a really mighty (see pre-AoV) attack, you would apply Blind on them before the attack occurs. If you are fighting two or more bosses at a time, your target is Latilted, the other is Blinded. This same tactic would work in PvP as well, diminishing the damage of enemies hurting too much with Blind, and making your selected target die faster with Latilt. In other words, Latilt gets used more still, but you honestly want both.

**Sub-topic: Imperio/Mayhem**

Imperio currently still modifies Haste (as it used to include cast speed originally), but this is something expected to be changed in the class updates. Most people view this as a very limited utility in PvP (it does reduce mob damage in PvE by 50% though), so they just look at it for the Mayhem passive bonus. I have still been trying to recommend that Imperio is adjusted so that the stat targeted in PvP is Vigor (which would have considerably more value in PvP). There is also some ongoing despair regarding how unpredictable Mayhem even is. As a result, seeing this skill at all right now is rather uncommon (still more common than Eva though). However, there is always the chance of change here (especially since it and Eva are getting so many complaints).

**Sub-topic: Land of Darkness**

Land of Darkness only deals damage worth it's existence if you are capable of maintaining the stigma of enemies on it. LoD without stigma does weak damage. However, you see some pretty powerful AoE hits if the enemies on it are all Stigma-5. LoD additionally works exactly like LoR does otherwise (even working only on yourself or the selected ally). Damage is further doubled if you are applying Cursed Burst at the same time.

**Sub-topic: Contingency**

Contingency, as a physical skill, is currently suffering from being totally useless for damage due to the damage formula (see the first sub-topic). However, there is some who like maintaining this for the defense reduction. If at any time the damage formula is adjusted, the method of applying damage for this skill does require considerable micro-managing, but can stack up to the point of doing some quality damage. At this time, however, the skill is useless except for the defense debuff, and is totally useless in PvP.
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