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Skill Descriptions for Defender, Commander and Protector

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 12:13 PM

Job NameJob GradeSkill TypeSkill NameSkill DescriptionMinimum Character Level
Defender1stNormal SkillReturnYou can only save your Return Point through Ioxenic Registrars near Warp Gates.0
Defender1stNormal SkillFighting WillTemporarily increase your Attack Success Rate.1
Defender1stNormal SkillChain SlashPerform a rapid series of attacks with your weapon to inflict devastating damage.1
Defender1stNormal SkillPhysical BlessingTemporarily increase your HP Recovery.10
Defender1stNormal SkillVital StabFiercely stab the target's vital point to inflict damage upon impact, followed by continuous damage from bleeding.10
Defender1stNormal SkillTauntTaunt the target to increase its hostility toward you.20
Defender1stNormal SkillDire Strike SlashJump high into the air, and strike an enemy with great impact as you fall.20
Defender1stNormal SkillDestructive StrikeInfuse your spiritual energy into a sword in an attempt to perform a powerful slash. This skill might fail since the sword must be wielded in such a wide motion, but it inflicts tremendous damage when it's successful.24
Defender1stNormal SkillQuick AttackTemporarily accelerate your Attack Speed to deliver faster blows to enemies.30
Defender1stNormal SkillSurvival InstinctPermanently increase your Short and Long Range Defense Power.30
Defender1stNormal SkillOnslaughtInflict additional damages upon surrounding enemies' with using your hands swiftly for powerful multiple attack. 40
Defender1stNormal SkillTaunting Cry Taunt nearby enemies to increase their hostility toward you.40
Defender1stNormal SkillSkin of StoneTemporarily increase your Short Range Defense Power.40
Defender1stNormal SkillShield StrikeForcefully strike the target with your shield to confuse it and inflict great damage.40
Defender1stDNA SkillStrengthened Fighting WillIncreases Accuracy Rate of Fighting Will.1
Defender1stDNA SkillExtended Fighting WillIncreases duration of Fighting Will.1
Defender1stDNA SkillExtended Physical BlessingIncreases duration of Physical Blessing.10
Defender1stDNA SkillVital Stab IntensificationIncrease Additional Damage and Continuous Damage ,when using Vital Stab10
Defender1stDNA SkillExtended Vital StabIncrease duration of Vital Stab10
Defender1stDNA SkillStrengthened Physical BlessingIncreases Recovery when using Physical Blessing.10
Defender1stDNA SkillLong Range TauntIncrease range of Taunt20
Defender1stDNA SkillStrengthened Survival InstinctIncreases the Defense Power of Survival Instinct.30
Defender1stDNA SkillStrengthened Skin of StoneIncreases Defense Power of Skin of Stone.40
Defender1stDNA SkillAccuracy of Shield StrikeIncreases Success Rate of Shield Strike.40
Defender1stDNA SkillExtended Skin of StoneIncreases duration of Skin of Stone.40
Commander2ndNormal SkillChain SlashInflict additional damages upon surrounding enemies' with using your hands swiftly for multiple attack. 50
Commander2ndNormal SkillRushRush at the target within your range at high speed while evading enemy attacks.50
Commander2ndNormal SkillAdamant MindSummon the determination to resist negative combat effects for this skill's duration.50
Commander2ndNormal SkillChain of RestraintThrow a chain at the target to reduce its Movement Speed for this skill's duration.50
Commander2ndNormal SkillOne-Handed Weapon MasteryHone your skills in handling One-Handed Weapons to permanently increase your Attack Power when using them.50
Commander2ndNormal SkillBeam SlashInfuse your spiritual energy into your weapon, and discharge it to attack a distant target.50
Commander2ndNormal SkillPromise of VictoryTemporarily increase your Party Member's Attack Success Rate.50
Commander2ndNormal SkillFace StrikeMake the target unable to spell Magic Skills with striking the mouth.(Able to use Weapon Skills)60
Commander2ndNormal SkillBoomerang of Sword AuraSlash a large number of enemies in front of you to inflict damage, followed by continuous damage from bleeding.60
Commander2ndNormal SkillMoonlight SlashInflict additional & continuous damages upon surrounding enemies' with spining rapidly.60
Commander2ndNormal SkillUplifting CryIncrease party members' Moving Speed for certain period.80
Commander2ndDNA SkillExtended Adamant MindIncrease duration of Adamant Mind50
Commander2ndDNA SkillSwift Beam SlashReduce Casting Time of Beam Slash50
Commander2ndDNA SkillOne-Handed Weapon Mastery IntensificationIncrease Attack Power of One-Handed Weapon Mastery.50
Commander2ndDNA SkillAOE Chain SlashIncrease the range of Chain Slash.50
Commander2ndDNA SkillPotens RushRecast time accelerates when Rush is used50
Commander2ndDNA SkillExtended Face StrikeIncrease duration of Face Strike60
Commander2ndDNA SkillPotens Moonlight SlashDecrease recast time of Moonlight Slash.60
Commander2ndDNA SkillAOE Boomerang of Sword AuraIncrease the range of Boomerang of Sword Aura.60
Commander2ndDNA SkillExtended Boomerang of Sword AuraIncrease duration of Boomerang of Sword Aura60
Commander2ndDNA SkillExtended Moonlight SlashIncrease duration of Moonlight Slash.60
Protector2ndNormal SkillRestorationAdminister first-aid treatment to yourself slowly restore your HP.50
Protector2ndNormal SkillRestraint RescissionFocus your thought to a meditative state to release negative combat status of both yourself and surrounding party members.50
Protector2ndNormal SkillShield MasteryPermanently increase your Block Defense Power when using a shield.50
Protector2ndNormal SkillLow BlowInflict additional damages upon Surrounding Enemies by attacking their lower bodies. Increase the hostility against you.50
Protector2ndNormal SkillAegis of ProtectionTemporarily increase your shield's Block Defense of the target for this skill's duration.60
Protector2ndNormal SkillSpiritual IntensificationTemporarily increase your Party Member's Short Range Defense Power.60
Protector2ndNormal SkillSacred HandGive first-aid treatment to the target to instantly restore the target's HP, followed by slow, additional HP restoration.60
Protector2ndNormal SkillLesser Party HealRestore your Party Members' HP instantly, and heal additional HP slowly, with holy power.70
Protector2ndNormal SkillShield FortressTemporarily increase your shield's Block Rate.70
Protector2ndNormal SkillBroken MoraleDecrease target and surrounding enemies' Physical & Skill Critical Rate by breaking morale.80
Protector2ndDNA SkillPotens Restraint RescissionDecrease recast time of Restraint Rescission.50
Protector2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Shield MasteryIncreases Block Defense Power of Shield Mastery.50
Protector2ndDNA SkillStrengthened RestorationIt decreases the consumption of MP and increases HP recovery when using Restoration.50
Protector2ndDNA SkillPotens Sacred HandShorten recasting time of Sacred Hand.60
Protector2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Aegis of ProtectionIncrease Block Protection of Aegis of Protection.60
Protector2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Spiritual IntensificationIncreases Defense Power of Spiritual Intensification60
Protector2ndDNA SkillExtended Aegis of ProtectionIncrease duration of Aegis of Protection.60
Protector2ndDNA SkillPotens Lesser Party HealShorten recasting time of Lesser Party Heal.70
Protector2ndDNA SkillExtended Shield FortressIncreases duration of Shield Fortress.70
Protector2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Shield FortressIncreases Block Rate of Shield Fortress.70

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