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Skill Descriptions for Rogue, Assassin and Shadow Runner

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 12:37 PM

Job NameJob GradeSkill TypeSkill NameSkill DescriptionMinimum Character Level
Rogue1stNormal SkillReturnYou can only save your Return Point through Ioxenic Registrars near Warp Gates.0
Rogue1stNormal SkillFighting WillTemporarily increase your Attack Success Rate.1
Rogue1stNormal SkillQuick AttackAccelerate your Attack Speed for a set duration.1
Rogue1stNormal SkillSword Aura of DarknessSlash an enemy twice to inflict damage.1
Rogue1stNormal SkillPoison of MaliceInflict Curse damage with a weapon that has a chance of also causing continuous damage.10
Rogue1stNormal SkillForward DashRush forward at high speed.10
Rogue1stNormal SkillRaidAttack an enemy from behind to inflict large amounts of damage.20
Rogue1stNormal SkillShadow RunnerAvoid detection from monsters for a set duration.\nThis skill's effect is automatically canceled as soon as you engage in battle.20
Rogue1stNormal SkillJoint StrikeAttack the target's legs to inflict damage and decrease its Movement Speed.20
Rogue1stNormal SkillPoison ArrowUse a long range weapon to inflict an additional damage.\nIt inflicts continuous Poison damage.30
Rogue1stNormal SkillDoppleganger MagicSummon Dopple Ganger to attack your enemies for a set duration.30
Rogue1stNormal SkillStealthHide under the cover of darkness. Your Movement Speed will be decreased for this skill's duration, and the skill is automatically canceled when you attack the target. This skill cannot be used during Battle Mode.30
Rogue1stNormal SkillRetreatQuickly move backward from an enemy.40
Rogue1stNormal SkillSoccer KickPowerfully kick the target to inflict damage with a chance of forcibly canceling Recovery and buff effects cast on it.40
Rogue1stNormal SkillAmbushAmbush the target while hiding to inflict damage.\nThis skill has a chance of paralyzing the target.40
Rogue1stNormal SkillHome ThrustSmash the target's vital point to shock it with the chance of paralyzing it.40
Rogue1stNormal SkillFortitudeYour maximum Critical damage is temporarily increased for a set duration.40
Rogue1stDNA SkillExtended Fighting WillIncreases duration of Fighting Will.1
Rogue1stDNA SkillStrengthened Fighting WillIncreases Accuracy Rate of Fighting Will.1
Rogue1stDNA SkillExtended Quick AttackIncreases duration of Quick Attack.1
Rogue1stDNA SkillPotens Forward DashReduces Down Time of Forward Dash10
Rogue1stDNA SkillStrengthened Poison of MaliceIncreases Attack Power of Poison of Malice.10
Rogue1stDNA SkillPotens RaidReduce Down Time of Raid20
Rogue1stDNA SkillExtended Joint StrikeIncreases duration of Joint Strike.20
Rogue1stDNA SkillStrengthened Poison ArrowIncreases Attack Power of Poison Arrow.30
Rogue1stDNA SkillPotens RetreatReduces Down Time of Retreat40
Rogue1stDNA SkillAccuracy of Soccer KickIncrease Success Rate of Soccer Kick40
Rogue1stDNA SkillAccuracy of Home ThrustIncrease Success Rate of Home Thrust40
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillInstant AccelIncrease accuracy rate for a certain period.50
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillLong Range Weapon MasteryHone your Long Range Weapon wielding skills to permanently increase your Attack Power when using them.50
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillDeadly StrikeAttack the target with a weapon to inflict damage and decrease the its Evasion Rate.50
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillExplosive ArrowShoot an explosive arrow at the target that will inflict continuous damage to enemies caught in the explosion.50
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillCurse of DarknessDecrease the target's Long Range Attack Range by obstructing its field of vision.60
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillPiercing ArrowInflict additional damage upon the target with piercing armors. Decrease long distance physical defense for a certain period.60
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillParalyzed NervesDecrease attacking speed with shooting the target rapidly.60
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillSnipingSwitch to a long range attack stance that will increase your Attack Range, but will reduce the angle of your attacks and limit your movement to walking.60
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillTrap of SilenceLay a trap for making surrounding enemies Silent. \nTarget near the trap cannot spell magic skills. (Spell) 70
Shadow Runner2ndNormal SkillChaos SnipingIncrease surrounding enemies' casting time.80
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillInstant Accel IntensificationIncrease accuracy rate when using Instant Accel.50
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Long Range Weapon MasteryIncreases Attack Power of Long Range Weapon Mastery.50
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillExtended Deadly StrikeIncrease duration of Deadly Strike50
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillExtended Explosive ArrowIncrease duration of Explosive Arrow50
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Explosive ArrowIncrease continuous damage of Explosive Arrow50
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillPiercing Arrow ExtensionDuration will be extended when using Piercing Arrow.60
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillSwift Curse of DarknessShorten the casting time of Curse of Darkness60
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillParalyzed Nerves IntensificationReduce more Attack Speed while using Paralyzed Nerves60
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillTrap of Silence AccuracySuccess Rate will increase when using Trap of Silence.70
Shadow Runner2ndDNA SkillTrap of Silence SwiftnessCasting Time will decreased when using Trap of Silence.70
Assassin2ndNormal SkillExcessive BleedingPerform a spinning attack with your weapon to inflict greater damage with a chance of also causing continuous damage from bleeding.50
Assassin2ndNormal SkillBlinding AttackStrike the target's eyes to inflict damage and temporarily decrease its Movement Speed.50
Assassin2ndNormal SkillDual Wield MasteryHone your Dual Weapon wielding skills to permanently increase your Attack Power when using them.50
Assassin2ndNormal SkillLightning SpeedSwing a Short Range Weapon in a wide horizontal arc to strike multiple enemies in front of you in a single attack.50
Assassin2ndNormal SkillBrutal ScudDash into the target to inflict damage and paralyze the enemy for a set duration. \nThis skill is only available in hiding.50
Assassin2ndNormal SkillExplosive HackingAttack by spinning around with a sword behind the enemy.60
Assassin2ndNormal SkillBreaking PiecesPerform a spinning slash with a sword to strike multiple enemies in front of you.60
Assassin2ndNormal SkillInfectionWield a weapon with poison to inflict continuous damage to the target and other enemies surrounding it.60
Assassin2ndNormal SkillStealing WeaponDisarm an enemy from behind to cancel the weapon attack power for a duration.60
Assassin2ndNormal SkillSpinning EdgeSwiftly perform a spinning sword attack that will damage and cause continuous bleeding to enemies surrounding you.70
Assassin2ndNormal SkillDeadly CryIncrease surrounding party members' physical & skill critical additional damage.80
Assassin2ndDNA SkillExtended Binding AttackIncrease duration of Blinding Attack50
Assassin2ndDNA SkillExtended Excessive BleedingIncreases duration of Excessive Bleeding.50
Assassin2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Dual Wield MasteryIncreases Attack Power of Dual Wield Mastery.50
Assassin2ndDNA SkillStrengthened Lightning SpeedIncreases Attack Power of Lightning Speed.50
Assassin2ndDNA SkillExtended InfectionIncrease duration of Infection60
Assassin2ndDNA SkillPotens Explosive HackingIncrease damage of Explosive Hacking60
Assassin2ndDNA SkillExtended Stealing WeaponIncrease duration of Stealing Weapon60
Assassin2ndDNA SkillBreaking Pieces IntensificationIncrease Attack Power, when using Breaking Pieces60
Assassin2ndDNA SkillExtended Spinning EdgeIncrease duration of Spinning Edge70
Assassin2ndDNA SkillRange Spinning EdgeIncrease Effect Range of Spinning Edge70

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