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VCR Term 3 Applications

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#1 Njoror


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Posted 01 October 2014 - 07:42 AM

Hello, everyone!


We are starting the application process for Term 3 of the VCRs. For those unaware, I've outlined the changes that are occurring with term three here.


The application has changed a little to allow for more conversation from those interested in becoming a VCR.


We will be accepting three VCRs from each class this term, so feel free to apply if you want to become a representative of the community to Warpportal and Gravity.


For this term, we'd like you to fill out the following:


  • Who you are
  • What you are looking for in Ragnarok 2 and/or the VCR program
  • What you have to offer as a VCR
  • What do you expect out of this program?


Answers can be as short or as long as you want them, as long as you relay your message. Please post your answers in these threads so that the community is able to see the VCR nominees.


Application process will end on October 22, 2014.



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#2 Tonitrua


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Posted 01 October 2014 - 02:46 PM

    Who you are
Tonitrua, ML30 Sorcerer from the guild Uncrowned

    What you are looking for in Ragnarok 2 and/or the VCR program
Fabulous prizes, beautiful women, fame and fortune

    What you have to offer as a VCR
An in-depth knowledge of the game, I have experience with the ins and outs of every system in RO2, I know how things are supposed to work and how they can break, I have characters of every class and I'm familiar with most of them. I'm good at finding and documenting bugs, providing unbiased feedback as often as possible, and criticizing things harshly when necessary. Also brand new counter tops for Njoror's kitchen *wink wink*

    What do you expect out of this program?
I hope that we might be able to make a small impact on this game, and hopefully help push it in the right direction.

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Posted 01 October 2014 - 04:34 PM

Good luck to all who apply, I feel I have already contributed what I could.


It goes without saying that Tonitrua did the most work as a VCR. He did countless bug reports on his YouTube account and tested everything he could on the ITS.


Lets just hope the devs takes our reports and suggestions into consideration for the next term, nothing changed for sorc/wiz for a very long time now.

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#4 Sarasah


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Posted 02 October 2014 - 12:33 PM

Who you are: Sarasah, ML30 Sorcerer, Guild Leader of Uncrowned and been playing since May 2013!


What you are looking for in Ragnarok 2 and/or the VCR program: To stalk njoror and Toni and get my weekly dose of "congrats sara" from njoror for NO REASON whats so ever.


What you have to offer as a VCR: Being NAKED on the ITS.

Jokes aside, I am an active sorcerer of the game, I have only played sorcerer so I can't give much feedback in regards to other classes. I have reached out to several other sorcerers over my term about how the new sin/rogue 'balance' affected them, and what they would like to see. I have learned how to make bug videos towards the end of my term, so I'm more then willing to hear you out and record bugs/glitches that you have come across that we have not already sent off to the dev's.


What do you expect out of this program?

Like what Tonitrua said, to hope that our interaction and role as a vcr will help get the game in the right direction, I've already seen some bug's that got sent in get ninja fixed.

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#5 KaMyCHiKo


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Posted 16 October 2014 - 08:41 PM


Ok, this seems a bit distant, but i'll go...

Who you are
I'm FlamePhantom, Sorcerer Master Level 30 from Guild Æsir.
What you are looking for in Ragnarok 2 and/or the VCR program

I'm getting fun with my bests friends in Ragnarok 2, that was principal issue that i'm looking for in Rangarok 2, in VCR Program i'm looking for help to improve the game, I'm beeing complaining with myself and my friends so much about game bugs, and i decided that it's better to bear a hand to improve the game instead of continue complaining about bugs, that didn't solve anything.
What you have to offer as a VCR
I Hope to offer my experience, i have been working as Game Master on others videogame private servers with 300+ users daily, and so much bugs and security flaws discovered and sometimes fixed by myself on that videogames servers.
I have been playing with so different high level characters to compare difference between my first and main character (Sorcerer) with others to draw conclusions about the differences and how works each of them. Furthermore as member of Æsir is very important to be working every day on Player versus Player system with so much different classes, because is a PvP/WoE Guild, so that forces me every day to learn new things about my character and the differences between Sorcerer and other classes. I think that i have new and fresh ideas for get real sorcerer rebalacing and not overpower it, reduce lag on Sorcerer players, and withdraw unnecessary things on this class. I Could speak spanish too as well, because that's my native language, so I can talk with all spanish speakers community players to listen what they have to say too.

What do you expect out of this program?


If i get into the program, i expect at least two things, the first is to give advices and recommendations about sorcerer game role from my own experience and the experience of other users to improve the game, and solve problems and bugs that may appear; and the second one is to be the voice in consensus of all sorcerer's players that i could hear for trying to solve and fix all problems that will appear during gaming.

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#6 barlung


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Posted 20 October 2014 - 06:17 PM

Who you are
Barlung ,ML lvl 20 guild Nakal n have been playing since the event founder title came up.


What you are looking for in Ragnarok 2 and/or the VCR program
I am looking for the enjoyment of playing game n to make all player enjoy this make this game have 2 ways communication so everyone accept n found the best solution for everything


What you have to offer as a VCR
Like i said before..i have been playing this game for a long time n know some bug

Not only that..since player from SEA join us, there will be many player from ASIA n i can become the bridge between ASIAN player n GM, cz i am from ASIA too i know their complaintment, dissapointment n maybe suggestion for the up coming event

And i know the reason why peolpe quit this game because i have many friend that quit already so we can prevent that happen again for the future of this game


What do you expect out of this program?
To become the bridge between GM and Player so there is 2 ways communication n everyone enjoy this game, so people will know this game have fast respond n kind GM..

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