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how to solve issues & FAQ

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Posted 06 October 2014 - 05:16 AM

Hey all,


I noticed many find difficult to solve the easy problems like corrupted file.

so I decided to put all solutions I saw so far in a little guide.


Q: Oh god my client didn't updated correctly what now?

A: Try: settings -> advanced -> check all


Q: Still not working

A: Try: settings -> advanced -> defragment


Q: I have an issue that makes my client not work, what now?

A: Try check all/ defragment/ check your firewall to make sure it doesn't block rose online/ maybe even restart your router.


Q: I can't access the forums/website from my browser

A: Try another browser and/or clear Cache


Q: I tried everything but the issue is still there, what now?

A: Are you sure you have a connection to the internet? Maybe try reinstall the game.


Q: I am getting disconnected at the login, how do I solve it?

A: Try to repatch with settings -> advanced -> check all!


Q: It doesn't work?!

A: Close the client and open new one, try to defragment and if that doesn't work last options I can think off are check your firewall/reinstall.


Q: Still not solved, what now?

A: Re-download


Q: It didnt help still having the problem?

A: Send a ticket


Q:Did you disable multi-client?
A: No, repatch when it asks to close the currently running client, your client was not updated correctly or a new patch has been released.


I will answer some Frequently asked Questions!


Q: I lost a item what do I do?

A: Submit a ticket and wait 48hours for there reply, after that send a private message to Krexus with your ticket#.


Q: My character is blocked, what now?

A: Submit a ticket and wait 48hours for there reply, after that send a private message to Krexus with your ticket#.


Q: I shared my account/character and now lost access to it, what now?

A: Submit a ticket, but I think the chance is small that they will help. this is because the Terms of Service doesn't support sharing accounts.


Q: They wont listen to me, what now?

A: Stay polite and search for help from your fellow players, you can also send a send a private message to Krexus with your ticket#.


This is what I could think of so far, if you have more questions let me know and I will edit this topic.


Some handy links:

How to make a ticket:

Make an account or sign in before submitting a ticket


Server Status (Online or Offline):


For information about the game:




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