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Guide: How to Livestream RO Gameplay

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#1 Xellie



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Posted 28 January 2015 - 10:41 AM

Livestreaming is a fun way to share your gameplay with your friends or even the world, so why not give it a go?
You will need
- A account (Register here, legit email required)
- Broadcasting software
- A decent internet connection
- A non potato computer.
*For the purposes of this post I'm going to talk about using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for livestreaming.
Xsplit is also decent, but not free.
Setting up
The first thing you will need to do after installing OBS is input your information.
Using the menu at the top of the OBS window, select the Settings Menu, and click on "settings".
On the lefthand side, choose "Broadcast Settings"
You will see something like this.
At the top, choose Livestream Mode, stream service "twitch"
For FMS URL pick the location closest to you.
Next, open up your browser, log into your twitch account and go to your dashboard and select Stream Key at the top.
IMPORTANT! Your Stream Key is much like a password. If you give this information to anybody, they can stream to your channel.
Copy and paste the long string of numbers and letters into the Play Path/Stream Key field in OBS and hit apply.
Other options:
Delay (set in seconds) : How long after your actions your viewers will see what you're streaming. Good for PVP/WOE/MVPing. Bad for interaction.
Save to file automatically: Output a video file of your stream locally automatically.
Next move on to video settings
Reducing FPS can help if your connection isn't that great, and disabling Aero helps if your computer might be a potato, or lags locally.
(RO doesn't really have a super high FPS anyway)
If you have multiple sound devices, pick the ones you want to use under Audio (if this means nothing to you, don't touch it)
Under Hotkeys, if you wish to set up push to talk so that your typing, sneezing, drinking, belching aren't broadcast without you wanting it to be.
Finally, go to the "Encoding" Tab
I generally find the default settings are ok, but this is where you will have to experiment to match your machine's abilities and your internet connection.
Use this webpage to find a good bitrate for you to start with (dont worry about the other settings listed on the webpage, just look at the recommended bitrate.) You will almost certainly have to adjust this to improve quality/stop yourself lagging.
Apply and hit OK. You are ready to go!
And now the fun part!
Open up RO!
Right click in the "Scenes" box in the bottom left corner, and Add a scene.
Name it whatever you like, so long as you know this is where your RO window is going to be.
Next, Highlight the scene you made then in the next box :
Right click in "Sources", select "Add" > "Window Capture" (Game source doesn't work with RO)
Choose your RO window from the drop down list, and I recommend selecting "inner window" over "entire window" to eliminate the title bar, etc.
Don't worry about the other options until you're more comfortable with the software
Hit preview stream. If all is good you will see the RO window in the preview pane.
Stop your preview and press "Start streaming"
Now is the time to look at your stream and test for lag. If you are experiencing huge delays ingame or your connection is slowed down, try reducing bitrate. Experimentation is required to get a good speed/quality comprimise.
Note: you may lag if you are viewing the stream at the same time as streaming. My computer hates having a livestream open in the background.
And with that, you can stream your gameplay! Please remember that not everyone will be able to do this, you do need a decent connection and computer to do this.
Some other notes:
Twitch will automatically save your broadcasts for 2 weeks. Enable this in your Twitch account settings.
You can save/highlight sections of your stream later on through your twitch account.
If you play copyrighted music in the background, the saved videos on your channel may be muted
(to get around this, either use free music, or a winamp plugin called "pacemaker" to alter the pitch/speed/tempo of music so the automatic detection doesn't pick it up.... or listen to nightcore remixes :p_idea: )

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#2 Xellie



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Posted 28 January 2015 - 10:54 AM

Making your stream more awesome!


Now that you have the ability to show your gameplay, time to polish up production quality a little and tell people what you are doing.

Spend some time making your twitch profile page look good, post some infomation about the server you're playing (you WILL get asked about this a lot).


Your twitch Dashboard is where you can control your broadcast titles and set the game you're playing. You can do it from the channel page too, but the dashboard is easier. Remember to hide/mute your stream in the background whilst you have the dashboard open, or prepare for a terrible audio feedback loop.




I use a pretty nifty plugin for Firefox called "Better Twitch TV" (BTTV) Which allows for the dark Twitch Site and adds some better management options for the chat.

Highly recommended.


Regarding channel chat. Your twitch chat is just an IRC chat room which you can join from any IRC client and control in the same manner.

See here for commands. You can also mod/ban/timeout by clicking on icons next to the username if you have BTTV installed.


If you have RCX you can use the Chocoa Chat option to relay your chat from the client straight into your IRC Client without tabbing (this is a god send, and more about that if people ask)


If you're an IRC person, here's the information on joining twitch channels via IRC


Overlays and images in OBS

Adding overlays to censor out parts of your gameplay (equipment /chat for example) is as simple as creating an image the correct size and adding it as a source in the current scene.




Selecting  "Edit Scene" will allow you to move/resize the overlaid images. Some useful things to know are


- Hold shift to keep the proportions the same when resizing.

- Hold Alt to crop the image

- Hold Control to prevent the image "snapping" to the edge of the screen


Right clicking on the image in the sources list brings up options regarding the size or Order or the images.

Order allows you to stack the images on top of eachother. In my example anything under the Ragnarok window will be hidden.



Making a nice chat overlay

There's a couple of different options for overlaying the stream chat into your broadcast.


Open a popup window with the chat in and adding that as a new source.

Or you can do the same with an IRC window, if you're using an IRC Client


I use a plugin called CLR Browser which you can get by following the instructions here - it will also talk you through setting up the chat in OBS. I find this a much cleaner way to display the chat than using a chat popup window.


Other fun things to look into

Nightbot can manage your music, help moderate and run giveaways.

Scoreboard Edit is a plugin that I use to manage tournament scores, or just generally be cheeky about situations with.



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#3 Xellie



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Posted 28 January 2015 - 10:56 AM

I will use this post for answering questions that may need to be referenced in the future


Good luck and happy livestreaming! :p_idea:

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#4 Sizzleboom


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 11:59 AM

Well dang. I just skimmed through this guide and I love it. I don't have any plans of streaming myself, but it looks super informative and useful. Kudos for all the effort you put into this!

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#5 Havenn


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 12:28 PM

I've been meaning to do this for awhile but never finished the broadcasting setup, just did it for recording xD


thank you for the guide though! I will def set it up now

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#6 9475131221032309280


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Posted 28 January 2015 - 04:38 PM

Bookmark!! thanks for the guide, i might do live-streaming after i able to kill high lvl mvp xD

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#7 Rinpyon


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Posted 24 August 2015 - 12:14 AM

- A non potato computer.



laughed so hard at this

:p_laugh: :p_laugh:

btw thanks for this post, it's super useful~

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