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What functions does ML assassin takes on PVE grind?

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#1 riotblades


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Posted 05 March 2015 - 05:52 AM

Hi just reached lv 50 and going for ml thus resset so i was thinking bout PVE build.


Before that, i was just wondering: What is a sin job in RO 2 ?


Do i mob?do i need to spam AoE skills on dungeons and grind or just the 1 vs 1 powerfull skilss?


RO 2 u just get idea of a char when u get ml cause there are NO PARTY to make before MASTER LEVEL so  in a way you could make an idea for what u going for ( really, that is just the dead of the game in few months, just watch no players getting in )


back to the point, if i dont need to AoE  i tought of this






Poison : if i decide to go pvp one day, thats go for not leetting them hide.


dual : i read no one use this up to lv 2. its really that useless? 



does penetration really improves tha damage? its like ignoring defense plague?



my cooldowns are right, i didnt get ML yet and its really being usefull DEADLY BLOW at lv 5 as i got now

dont know why but crits really more than VENON SPLASHER and have no cooldown


maybe it changes after ml i ll have 30% of double vennon now it just 15%.



Another question : how much and how does str and agi really influences on me?


does str just influence my ATTACK on that slght  6 points of damage per 1 str?


agi gives me low dodge and i try to fill  some agi but criticals are just not growing much...



so i thoght on 35 str 30 agi and some vit or jus forget vit for PVE and MVP?



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#2 faku1810


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Posted 05 March 2015 - 11:56 AM

It really depends on your party, but yes, you will be expected to lure mobs, AND to attack with AoEs even though they're not that strong.


I've never got too much into stats distribution, but at least from 1-50 the str was felt in my damage. However this is a game that relies a lot on the gear for the stats and damage; so you could go full VIT like most do for PvP and you'd be probably fine and the extra VIT would eventually help in pve too. Personally, I prefer to go for attack, regardless of how high the impact is, so my build was mostly str and some agi, even though our buffs already help with the criticals.


Regardless of that, assassins' AoE isn't really strong, so I try to have a good weapon and the proper element when i'm grinding. As I said, your role will be mostly to lure, and healers are usually focused on the tanks rather than in the DPS chars, so having Shadow Armor is useful (i have it at 5, but if you want to go pvp you might want to consider 8 because it gives you 5 seconds of invulnerability).


So for a new ML build for grinding, I'd say : Hide, Mark of Genocide, Grimtooth, Shadow Fang, Shadow Form, Shadow Claw. Optional is Hiding Exceed, just to be a faster lurer.


I don't do PvP but Grimtooth and Cross Impact are obviously broken (too strong) so I'm sure those are in any sin's build nowadays. Poisoning Weapon would probably work for your purposes, but in PvE the effect won't be that felt. That said, I'll leave the PvP suggestions to someone with more experience in that field.


Keep in mind that as a ML, some of the skills i mentioned will  get higher levels, so you'll have to plan carefully how to distribute them, because even though  you can buy up to 20 skill points from Dapara, they're 11.9k MP each, so the best time to get them is in Osiris (around ML15-19)


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