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Сry of the soul

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#1 Amatsy


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Posted 02 April 2015 - 11:49 PM

I play Ragnarok Online 2 for the first time and looked a lot of different videos on YouTube, but couldn't understand anything.
I am very shy and prefer to play solo.
Please, write:
1) How do I put my stats and skills points for solo grinding?
2) Explain the class mechanics.

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#2 ch3n


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Posted 03 April 2015 - 02:30 AM

I'm guessing you are still under 50 and not at the Master Level yet.

1. I think you should look forward to the Master Level when allocating STAT and SKILL points.

Just hover the mouse pointer on the Stat word for the effects.

Mine was pure STR since at the latter game the gears have high AGI (crit). Or you could go pure AGI.

At Master Level your role as an assassin is DPS in the party. You need to be in a party because leveling in Master Level will take time if you solo grind.

  • AOE is a must so max the GRIMTOOTH and SHADOW FANG. I maxed the HIDING (for X2 damage) and Hiding EXCEED (for mobility).
  • Max the MARK OF GENOCIDE, SHADDOW FIEND, SHADDOW CLAW, SHADOW FORM too for max buff. Max also Ymir because its useful.
  • If you will go on 1 on 1 Max the DOUBLE ATTACK and COMBO TRAINING and your finishing is SHADOW EXPLOSION (it depends on your judgement if you will max this)
  • SHADOW ASSAULT is like a blink to close your distance to the enemy. (optional - depends on your gameplay)

At 50 you will only have 49 skill points and when you reached Master Level you can buy an additional 20 from your EXP = Master Points

Use this to plan/balance your Skill Points. http://ro2base.com/b...1.1.1/


If you insist on solo grinding kill monsters +2 level gap to your level for max EXP.

Or you could follow HokaHoka from this http://forums.warppo...eds-assistance/

Check this one also http://forums.warppo...s-on-pve-grind/


2. Class. The class is simple the basic class branch into two Class then you go Master Level. Example: Thief into Assassin or Rouge then >>(Master Level)>> Master Assassin or Master Rogue (distinguishable by the blue icon)


I'm also shy-ish. When you are in a party you don't need to talk often. But reply when you are asked. As the time pass by you will forgot you are shy. The game is very diverse and there are some language barrier but you still can enjoy it. You will met interesting people along the way.

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#3 Amatsy


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Posted 03 April 2015 - 03:28 AM

Thanks, now everything has become clearer. Yesterday I took the 8 ML, but did not shake the feeling that something is doing wrong. Tonight I will reset my stats and try to do as you say.

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#4 HokaHoka


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Posted 03 April 2015 - 04:26 AM

Hi there, Amatsy! It kinda rhymes with fancy, don't you think?  :p_idea:


Alright Fancy-matsy, you gotta shrug off that shyness and just be more open to people. Hey, it's a cyber world! C'mon, people usually have more cyber friends than they do in real life. JK.


You must, must, must be in a party if you want to lvl up. Leveling up alone post-ML is ridiculous for you only gain a liiiiitle MP. Be brave and just look for a party. Advertise yourself as 'the lurer.'


Look for a nice set of equipment when you reach ML11 (Joser), ML20 (Osiris), ML30 (Cazar), and ML35 (Eddga [only if you're a serious pvp-er]).


Look for a friend or two (or 1000) as the game is strikingly boring without friends.

Have fun and good luck!  :ho:

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#5 Amatsy


    I am New.

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Posted 03 April 2015 - 05:00 AM

It kinda rhymes with fancy, don't you think?  :p_idea:


I never thinking about it, Thx for the help ^_^

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