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Forum moderation guidelines and volunteer roles

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 11:42 AM


Since we have a lot of new people joining us from pRO and lots of feedback from existing players asking for clarification on the roles of the staff and volunteers on the forums I wanted to post up some more detailed information. This is still a work in progress, so I'll be adding moderation guidelines here so everyone will be clear on what the rules of the house are. 


Volunteer moderators and staff will use red bolded text when giving warnings or making announcements that should not be missed. We are asking posters to not use red bolded text to avoid confusion. 



Warpportal is the current name for Gravity Interactive, inc, which is a branch of the Korean company Gravity Interactive. We are responsible for the publishing, support and promotion of games like Ragnarok Online, RO2, ROSE Online, Dragon Saga, Requiem, and a number of other titles. Since not all of our titles are developed by Gravity in Korea, we use Warpportal as the front facing name. For ROSE Online and Requiem we have in-house development teams. 


Community Manager: CM for short. We are staff members who are assigned to individual game communities to communicate the feedback from the community to the production team and to set up events to keep the community engaged. We write up newsletters, update the websites and manage the social networks for the game like twitter and facebook. 


The CMs we have right now are Maridah (RO2), Jello Shaker (Mobile Titles) and me (RO1)


Producer: These people are responsible for the day-to-day running of the games and send weekly reports to Gravity HQ overseas. Their duties include but are not limited to: bug testing and reporting, localization, quest writing, events and sales planning. Their task is to keep the games up and running. Producers also use sites like Trello for direct feedback from community class representatives and reporting bugs to overseas developers. 


Examples: Holden, Campitor, and Njoror


Developer: For ROSE and Requiem we have local developers. They have the same duties as producers but also focus on development of new content, bug fixes and generally adding on to the games they are working on. 


Examples: Leonis, Alteris and Helium


Player Experience Specialists (GM Team): This team communicates primarily through the ticket system at and provides technical and account support. They also are in charge of ingame rule enforcement and blocking accounts found to be in violation of game rules.  They post on the forums from time to time, but their focus is on the ticket system. When bugs are found they report them up to the Producers. If you have a ticket in the system that you have been waiting for a long time for a response on you can PM the CM for your game or Warnhal (the head GM) 


Example: Warnhal




These following users are not staff but are volunteers from the community who help us with moderating the forums, running in-game and forum events. We also have a special team that focuses on development who have brought us advances like Nospam and monster kill counters for classic server. They handle moderating inappropriate posts, with some specializing in technical issues. For games without a specific community manager, the mods can also be helping with event planning, bug reporting and testing and communicating between the production team and the other community members. These players are not staff and should not be asked about account suspensions or tickets. 


Game Specific Moderators: Part of our original wave of forum volunteers, these users kept their forum names and primarily stick to one community. Dr. Azzy is one of our longest standing volunteers, who is singlehandedly responsible for perhaps the most complex and useful Homunculus AI in RO. 


Examples: Zurn, Ralis, Stormhaven, Sirslayer, Dr. Azzy


Volunteer Mods (Vmods): These are the second wave of forum moderators, who have food based nicknames. They use posting accounts that are separate from their "civilian" accounts and are able to respond to emergencies happening in any part of the forums. Since they are drawn from the individual game communities there are sections of the forums they will be more familiar with and we have instructed them to defer to CMs, or other Vmods who are more familiar with a different game's community if possible. 


Examples: Vmod Peach, Blueberry, Popcorn, Oreo, Sushi, Bacon, Cinnamon, Cupcake, Coffee, Cherry



Section 9 Development: This team is our elite pair of community devs who are responsible for the development of the user-configurable nospam system in RO1 and many secret programs to track and remove illegal activity in the game. They have limited access to GM RO1 accounts for testing and development. 


Examples: Inubashiri, Renouille


Event Runners: These volunteers from the community run ingame and forums events. These include monster spawning in the game, PVP events, organizing Battlegrounds, hide and seek, forum quizzes and creative contests. For players who have shown that they are responsible and capable of organizing and running events we provide some item rewards and megaphones for them to promote the events. 


Examples: Ralis, Alaska, Xellie, Tatihana, Myzery, Zerotigress, Ceinchase. Some of the Event Runners who are no longer active but who made some wonderful contributions: Ultimate Sapphic, Michaeeli and many others. 


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