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please help

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#1 MsAensland


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Posted 08 May 2015 - 06:26 AM

I want to be a priest but my attack is so low and my heals are terrible that im considering to be a monk once i hit lvl 25.

are there any good builds for priests that can enable them to have good heals and damage? im currently lvl 17


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#2 Telovi


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Posted 08 May 2015 - 06:50 AM

Max Holy Light and max Aspersio and max Aqua Benedicat for primary damaging and your choice levels Oratio for secondary damaging. In a solo-leveling scenario, your routine begin with casting Aqua Benedicat to get Asperio which then need to be casted in order to deal double damage Holy Light. Max Renovatio for self-healing since level 1 Heal is enough for emergency heals.
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#3 1280131004231231313


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Posted 08 May 2015 - 08:08 AM

First thing you should do is get a panda weapon, green or blue, doesn't matter dmg will sky rocket. Only skills you'll need will probably be reno and Oratio, eh why not max Blessing too. Keep Renovatio up at all times, it's good practice for grouping later on. Tab target a mob and DoT with Oratio, repeat. Tab, DoT, Tab, DoT, etc. Don't wait for mobs to die, just keep targeting new mobs. You'll run out of mobs before long, loot, repeat. Priest is probably easiest to level of all classes. What's your IGN name. If you play on Odin I'll come tag-a-long/help out... Well once I get home from work, in about 3h30minutes or so.

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