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Arby's Perma Acolyte Shenanigans & 'Guide'

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#1 Arbalist


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Posted 20 June 2015 - 10:50 AM

Remember when I said that I wanted to be a Perma Acolyte VCR? I definitely was not joking around. The idea is simple: Start an Acolyte, do not change job classes and stay at Level 50 forever.


Why? Because.

This is an intermediate level guide, so I’m not going to go too far into detail. If you don’t understand something, chances are you’re not quite experienced enough with the game. This build is all about the joy of exploring what you can accomplish. Spending money on your character is a given - you won’t have as much fun if you half-ass things. I merely created a guide as a proof of concept, so that more ambitious individuals may explore more things on their own.

Skill Build: All

Stat Build: Negligible, but I went with 50 Vit, 25 Int.


Gear ‘Progression’:
Weapon: Pandora’s Mace -> Mace of the Ferocious Pandora -> Corrupt Pandora Mace (Luxury). Pandoras are essentially equivalent to a Level 40 weapon. Basically the only options you have.

Armors: Rotten Molar Set (Wolves Cave). Basically the only options you have.
Accessories: Pandora set -> Bapho/PVE Arena/COA -> Honor/Immortal Knightage Magic (Colo) or Demonic Echo (AOD). Get Pandora set to start, and farm the rest yourself. Bapho and above are for their rune slots mostly.

Cards: 5x Requiem. Standard.

Costumes: Iron Cane + whatever you want (Luxury). HP.

Pets: Get minimum cooldown, of course.

RSX has been nice (Movement Speed debuff + damage).

I like Assassin Elder as my heal pet over others.

Cannon Lady is a given if you’re going to go bossing.

Secondary Title: So far, it seems Christmas Wreath is the better one because of its Defense. (Luxury)

+20 Refinements. Weapon first (Blue adds 212 217 PSE, worth roughly 50% more damage with Norns Blessing). Armors are probably negligible.


Useful Items:

Norns Blessing: For the Magic/Attack stats.

VIP: For the Movement Speed and HP bonus

Blue Potions: Precious SP <3

Movement Speed Elixir: Really helpful for kiting


‘Luxury’ Items:

Graham Potion: More HP

Midgard’s Grace: More HP

Midgard’s Gift: More HP and Magic/Attack stats. Event only ):

+50 Int Runes, +5 to 10 Vit Runes, +5 to 10 Wis Runes: Just get whatever, seems to have minimal impact at this time. Will most likely be more useful once I tackle bigger bosses.
Guild Skills: HP and MATK bonuses are always nice. Pierce Eye and Strike a Vital Point are standard.


Getting Started:
Leveling up is easy. Get yourself a Pandora’s Mace and DoT everything and watch them drop like flies. You should be able to easily tank at least 10 at a time up to level 40 or so. Don’t waste time killing things one by one, just spam Oratio + Judex. The rule for monsters is “your level +2” gets you the best exp. Collect pets along the way.

Now we get to the money spending portion. What do we get first? Well you can probably start bossing once you have a Norns Blessing or +20 your Pandora. With those you can probably start farming RSX relatively easily. Requiems you can get pretty cheap, or wait until you can solo them for more fun. Work on getting your Iron Cane. Christmas Wreaths are limited and expensive so just stay up to date with events and wait for good titles (Defense, HP, Magic, Cast Speed, Vigor). You don’t need all these to start having fun. Just go out and test your limits. If you hit a wall, think about what you did wrong and/or gear up. Consider your strategies, understand boss mechanics and your biggest threats. Perfect your skill rotation. Just go out and try!


And that’s about it. The upcoming Jawaii Update will likely bring even better cards and titles to play with, so look forward to that as well. Go out, have fun, and share your stories.


Accomplishments to date:


All solo, of course.

Field Bosses: RSX-0806, Wanderer, Goblin Leader
Baphomet Normal: All Clear

Baphomet Hard: Cleared up to Humbaba. Baphomet’s DoT is a bit high for now, might need to duo this one.

PVE Arena Hard: Cleared up to 3/5 Einherjars. Probably would’ve done 4/5 but I accidentally pulled Bloodred instead. I'm short a couple thousand HP/hundred DEF against him.

Osiris Tomb: Only Gregorshima for now. Wiped on Anubis, have not attempted the other two yet.

I’m going to work on unlocking COA and AOD, but I have a feeling Osiris Bosses would be my next target, they seem like they'll be easier.

Stay tuned~


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#2 LeviRD


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Posted 20 June 2015 - 11:03 AM

Waoooooooaaaa Nice one Arby! *-* this looks fun XD I might make one soon!



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#3 Arbalist


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Posted 23 June 2015 - 07:21 PM

Killed Wanderer, Goblin Leader, and RSX just to make sure there's no problems with them. There wasn't. Went Condors, easy peasy (didn't have element). Went to Mummies, also easy (again no element).

Next I tackled Gregorshima. First time I didn't bring element, which made the fight SO boring that I stopped paying attention and died halfway. Didn't want to waste that time again so I picked up an element and beat him the second time relatively quickly (despite making hundreds of mistakes...I'm not cut out to be a DoT/HoT user :P). What surprised me was how little damage it deals even in enrage (4-4.5k only). Another pleasant surprise is that my hit rate didn't suffer too much, so it was all in all an easy battle.


I went to Anubis next because I didn't have a No-Element or another weapon (or another element even). He is quite hard to manage in his little room and I failed. When there's a single tornado, it's manageable. Once the second tornado came I had to focus a bit more on healing. But then I didn't notice his second Requiem had spawned and I died trying to tank all 4. Oh well, maybe I'll swap out the useless AGI runes out and finally get the other 3 Requiem cards before trying again. There's a whole lot of other buffs I could've taken to make it easier but I chose not to for this first run.

Pics or it didn't happen right? Album updated.

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