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Origins & onwards

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#1 Sandyman


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Posted 24 July 2015 - 03:40 PM

So this is about the Quest: "Origins" and the Story. Which should provide the Major Answer to all of us Temperions.




Without going to deep into it, let me just say it leaves a bitter Taste and that`s ok since Ethergia is no "Happy Place".


But the bloody essence of this is:


Your just another Victim, a stolen Person, abused and automated for a foreign purpose


Short term this provides an important Answer. But Long Term this is not satisfying - at least into my Eyes.


Why should i help other with this Background? i have no good reasons to help other.


No - it would be more logic to go crazy or lose all Hope.




So why not add an addition to it...a satisfying long Term Quest to get Motivation.


Circling around the 4 remaining Races and their rivalry. 



Start: Turba (Prisoner`s Labor Camp)




The Lab imagined as the birthplace of all Temperions, the Location where all the transformation surgeries happens.



So to attach there: after finishing the "Origins" Quest, you get Post via Mail from General Taebious.


Telling you to revisit your Birthplace (The Lab) and to go and find out if that Place got corrupted as well.


There you find out that all 4 Races had to agree to remove all Memories from the stolen People.


To ensure that no mighty Temperion can remember the Race Wars or the Bloody Thuesday for example.



If you could remember, Bartuks would not so likely agree to cooperate with the Xeona and the general peaceableness in Cities like Nova lux would be endangered.   


So this Quest reminds you of the Race Conflicts and their Rivalry.

(And provides a Reason why Temperions actually fight each other at the Battlefields, they fight there, so they don`t have to do that in City`s or outposts and that civilians don`t get hurt or killed.)


But that don`t means that it`s all It`s all about getting an advance before the other Race.

To never underlie again.


The Possession Beast "Resistance" goes hand in hand regarding the Race Rivalry.




So the Idea is that all Races and Temperions try to find old sacred Places on Ethergia, to rebuild em again.

To get a certain Race Bonus from it.


To rebuild em, Temperions have to provide a certain amount of Basic Xeons:






If your Race is able to rebuild it you can activate a certain Race Bonus..


Other Races can Sabotage your Relict and corrupt it with help from Maximus Basic Xeons.




The Bonus should always be connected to the other Races like:



- Every Item sold to a NPC from a Different Race gives you a 15% share of the used Lant.


Alternative Shares of Lant could be provided from using:


- Wingrider 


- Transporter Mail


- Teleporter Service


- Reinforcing 


- Enchanting


- Compounding



Imaginable Places for Sacred Relics:


Turan Relict:




Bartuk Relict:




Kruxena Relict:




Xenoa Relict:




So Relict's could be bound to a certain Race but that would be a bit boring i think.


Better would be that only on the lower Maps some Relics are bound.


But on the Higher Maps, the Relict's can be corrupted and rebuild from all Races. (with help from Maximus Xeons)






The Game is full of Relict's or morbid Places. 


Rebuilding Ethergia and to take fate into your own what i wish for every Temperion,


They deserve it  :wink:



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Posted 24 July 2015 - 08:25 PM

really nice ideas Sandy to add more content and make the lore less slight . like it.


i just don't hope for that type of things too much. As only one dev working on Req now.


thing are logic and well presented on that angle, make sense. But just some points tho : i can't remember for sure but bloody tuesday and Marze war is supposed to have happened long ago enough no ? if you compare with real word , there were many wars against humans just consider germany with rest of Europe , and however , there is no perma civil war between them and the rest of Europe. So Bartuks doesn't have to automatically want to kill each xenoa each time they see it in towns where peaceful citizens live :p_laugh:

Moreover , as it is said in lore temperion have no more "soul" , i wonder it they can be affected somehow by any type of emotions ( moreover if their creators "erase" their memory i suppose )or more act like robots. :hmm:

Well , i am a bit trolling and pushing tho cause theses are still good ideas. I would even suggested related to what i just said , to had an "event" quest related where "something" happen to our toon that create a "chain reaction" ( maybe lvl or "power" related) type : i remember small parts of what happen , or having fragments of souls back...etc and then go check for "Truth". and yeah this "wake up" could give the famous race bonus for pvp and battles.


But honestly you know , like me , that it would represent some big work making it near impossible to happen i think... :p_sad:



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#3 Sandyman


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Posted 24 July 2015 - 09:22 PM

Human Nature circles around War. From recorded History, Humans lived only like 8% of their Time in Peace.

Ya thats right 92 % of recorded History is full of War. 


History always repeats. We might be able to land on the Moon but to face our own Emotions and inner Demons is a different Story.




Anyway your right that this Quest or Storyline would need a lot Work and Backdrop. 


Kruxena...a new hybrid Race, should those have Relict's from the "Past"? that`s debatable too.


Maybe it would be more sensible to say all rebuild able Relics where made from the more or less missing 4 Races.

And some of em are only compatible for a certain Race.


Well that`s talking about Details...Dev`s are very busy like you said. But i think it`s important to revival missing Role Play Aspects in the Game it could be important for the economy too.


Can`t tell if it`s possible or not...But we can learn from each other like each Race in Requiem should can.


Whether it`s about the good in life or the bad.

Edited by Sandyman, 27 July 2015 - 08:19 AM.

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