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and here I am.. again...

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Posted 24 September 2015 - 04:30 AM

Hello player,


Once upon a time I played iRose... then euRose... and then I came to NaRose.

I left Na Riose about five or six years ago... someone asked me to play my account... I said OK... because I thought I would never come back again.


But... I did.

Here I am.


I don't complain about losing almost all my stuff... It's my fault, It was a mistake to give away my account ID. :(


So I am back with 7 Mio Zulie... and five chars.


My full int cleric is lvl 167... topaz(4) and slotted armor...  and absolutely useless.

I know I have to do the stats and the skills in a complete different way as I used to.

It is a full support cleric.

Any suggestions for the stats and the skills?


And any ideas where to get some nice stuff for her? Should I try to craft some armor and weapons? Or just going out and hope for drops?



My next char is a  lvl144 artisan. Full con equip... with sapphire (4)

When I left there wern't any better gems around.

It was a good artisan when I left...

Same here... no skills and perhaps wrong stats?


Any suggestions please what to do?



The next char is a mage lvl 133. She was almost naked

I bought her a staff for her level... gave her a heavens coat from my storage... and that's it.

Skills and stats have to be redone.

Any suggestion?


The other chars are completely naked. Not even a visitor's look is left.

It's a lvl 67 dealer... wannabe bourg...  skills and stats have to be redone... and a lvl 15 visitor...

First I wanted to delete this chars, but then I realized, that I can't create more than 3 chars on the account.

So I let them stay... and decide later what to do with them.


I remember nice stuff I had on this accounts... like a car which looks like a pig for every char.... or several santa sets... or unique weapons... or weapons at all. No weapon is left.

And my wings... I miss my wings.

I am a bit wing addicted... I love the wings... I had fairy wings, little angel wings, angel wings, butterfly wings, dragon wings, little devil wings several astaroth wings... and so on. Crafted by my artisan.


OK... I said, I didn't want to complain... but any suggestions, where I have to level to get mats to craft some new wings?

I hope there is still a craft skill for wings....


So I hope for your help for the new stats and skills for my chars.

And any suggestions where to get nice new stuff for my chars.


Thank you.



My ingame:
Cleric: LadyAthemis

Artisan: athemiis

Mage: Maiy

Bourg: athi

Visitor: charmii




















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Posted 10 January 2016 - 09:15 PM

I know I am late this this thread but I will add you! 

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