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(Separate) Defender Skill Issues 9/30/15 - Add Your Opinions

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#1 BloodyHalo


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Posted 30 September 2015 - 01:21 PM

The main issues originate from the Defender Tree.  You can already see that most of the skills are pointless, and they don't even lead into something you can really use in the next job class.  I will be speaking from a pvp standpoint on this, but even with pve they skills don't provide any meaningful attributes.
If you look closely, all 7 of the defender (and then later commander's) attack skills do pretty much the EXACT same thing (With the exception of an aoe or weak dot effect here or there).  Shield strike has a short stun, and BeamSlash is a fairly weak ranged attack with a long CD. But there is absolutely no benefit you get from using ANY of the 7 skills except for their damage output/aoes.
In Depth: (Defender)
Chain Slash -  Feeder Skill
Dire Strike - Feeder Skill
Onslaught - Decent Damage, not mandatory
Vital Stab - Pointless
Shield Strike - Must Have
Fighting Will - Feeder Skill
Quick Attack - Pointless (Only used to ward off soccer kick)
Taunt - Feeder Skill
Taunting Cry - Pointless (Unless you want to waste points extending the range to catch sins, but they are usually smart enough to stay pretty far away, and the ones that aren't usually die pretty quick).
Physical Blessing - Feeder Skill
Survival Instinct - Must Have
Skin of Stone - Meh, gets soccer kicked 99% of the time.  Other wise it is decent.
Looking at this, you have Two, maybe Three skills that are actually useful or make a difference. 
All the others are just there to mash buttons.  My suggestion would be to add skills that actually matter to this class, because right now it is just mash this button for this attack, mash the other for that attack.
For defender, something like the uplifting cry would be better served, or a beam slash that doesn't do a whole lot of damage but adds a ranged option + slow (Since defenders do not have rush).
If you have a specific suggestion that a Vmod has not already commented on for Defenders that you REALLY think is amazing and has to be put in the game yesterday, let me know and I'll post it in our suggestions. 

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Posted 18 October 2015 - 07:16 AM

no great ideas coming now , i am sorry . A hard point is , i can' consider "specifically" our class by its own , but only in regard of others , was it for teaming , supporting or fighting against. Three differents aspects that would give any objective player to propose meaning skills , suited and not too OP.


i was just willing to post/contribute about vital stab . pretty weak skill indeed. but a lil strategic interest when you reach end level/gears for prots. If your toon is  well balanced , you can spare some dna point in vital stab. That make it a skill that prevent sins to turn back in stealth = an easy prey for team-mates in battle and an "eradicated threat" while he run away to hide.


skin of stone is decent but not really suited. It would be better to have it like a passive block defense buff i think.


maybe shield strike could be considered like a double crowd too. keep stun at three second but add something like seven second slow that came after would add some "realistic physic consequence" ( time to "find back his spirit" ) but probably that would be considered too OP ?


and yeah actually taunt are BS . "Funny" part is it should be a meaning skill for defender and protector (  probably not so much for a commie) but i can't find a way to revamp it yet that would not be the classic systematic "make it stronger in the same way it is".. :hmm:

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#3 Ninnghizhidda


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Posted 18 October 2015 - 10:14 PM

Just a little idea out of mind right now, how about "shield strike" to be possible to strike more than one opponent. Not really an aoe stun, just give it an arc in front of the character. That would not really make it "uber", it would still be quite situational, somehow you would have to catch people close together to be able to stun them all (if successfully stricken). However, it could have its uses in PvE sometimes, where you get loads of mobs around you, could possibly stun some within that range, well nothing too great, just a bit of extra help and effect.


*Edit* OK after some more thought, here it goes. About the "shield strike" in general. I believe the game could benefit from a fairly radical change, at least PvE wise. We all know that most mid to high level bosses are immune to stuns and so, shield strike on them has no effect. How about we re-think the whole situation. I would actually like to see bosses no longer immune, but susceptible to stuns. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see boss fights being lol easy (well yeah I know how easy it is now, but that is another matter and has to do with obscene dps and general stats sported by characters, not the bosses). I said susceptible, and this means having a percentage chance to get stunned. That would vary according to boss, level of skill, level of character etc. Could actually make fights a bit more interesting, than the totally yawn process we know, stuns could be very short as well, the bosses could possess not only a "resistance" to stuns but "resistance" to duration of stun effects. Stuns could also serve as "interrupts" of boss skills and animations. Again, that would not be so easy to achieve, it would be possible. We would not have stun-locked bosses, but we could have the possibility to perhaps interrupt a dangerous attack. Obviously this would be a totally new concept and would require a re-working and re-thinking of mechanics, still I do believe it could bring variety and a breath of life to raids and boss fights in general.


Also... the taunt skills. Ideally these should be THE important aggro keeping for tanking, I mean seriously generating loads of aggro, enough to keep it up when successfully applied and used. Of course, Protectors could / would be even better in their use, maybe having higher level available to them with increased efficiency. And again, Protectors would have their own extra skills, low blow of course, for even better and stronger aggro keeping. Like... a decent and careful Protector should NEVER ever lose aggro, at least with semi-decent gear, not even against "monster dps". Come to think about it, it should actually be possible to do so for Commanders as well, like it certainly WAS possible in the past.

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