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A serious Complaint

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#1 Knyghtfoxcries


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Posted 26 November 2010 - 11:18 PM

My husband and i have a scholar linker pair for tanking and leveling. A side project on top of our mains. After 30 mins of attempting to level on the Siromas map, we gave up. I used to be able to kill ice titans with no problems. At level 90, they are out of my range now, so im stuck at Siroma again. Even with the assistance of a scholar husband, the leveling isn't worth the amount of effort it takes to kill, tank, and feed sp to my linker. The changes they made, have made playing my Esma linker such a disappointment. I love playing support characters, But now the Support/Esma build my linker has is worthless. I can go and reset to a full support build sure, but now i will have to leech myself instead of playing the character i used to love the most for killing things. One more reason for me to quit Ro.

Here is a copy of a ticket i sent to gravity regarding the changes they made to Soul Linkers:

Before renewal hit, my pure Esma linker was capable of leveling on her own. Soloing Siroma, and being able to 2 shot ice titans with a priest. The changes you have made to the way matk works have made them nearly impossible to level seriously. Using the proper element and +7 soul linker gear such as a survivor set doesn't even help. 6k damage is useless in a party. Basically i now have to reset my character to a full support Linker and make her useless for anything else. Thanks gravity for taking the fun out of the Soul Linker class.

I will be shocked to get an actual reply. Im sure this sounds like just ranting to some of your or just QQing, but with all the changes they have made, they should really have fixed the skills for this class. Being an esma linker is like back to being a Biochemist pre-renewal, with only one skill worth a damn for leveling, but now totally unusable unless you throw tons of zeny at it.
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#2 Lucentos


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Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:20 AM

This is happened thanks to nerf of MAtk. At best Linkers able to achieve 500-600 MAtk(Don`t know about exact numbers) and Esma have 100*((charLvl-60)/100)*SkillLvlHits. Unlike PreRenewal, where you can easily reach 1k MAtk, you`ll see serious damage fall.
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