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[Open] Sorelium International guild is recruiting

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Posted 09 November 2015 - 05:00 AM

Guild Info


Guild Name: Sorelium
Founder: DeadlyIce
Guild Master: DeadlyIce
Server: Odin
Guild Status: New Guild 
Language: English 


Guild Rules 

#1. Be active friendly and helpful with guild 

#2. Respect your guild mates and don't argue or make dramas in guild cause that will ruin our guild reputation and anyone who involve that will be kicked from guild immediately. 

#3. Whenever you gonna off for a long time or busy irl, please inform with your guild leader or your guild officers so we will have a solution. 

#4. No gold begging or any type of begging, no ninja items on dungeons or raid. 

#5. When in dungeon with our guild mates, tell us which item you need so we will pass it when it drops. 

#6. If you have a friend would like to join us then you gotta ask for officers or the guild leader so they will invite your friends. 


#7 Enjoy while staying here and when playing game 



#8 When you need help don't be hestitate to ask guild members.



We are English guild so you have to speak English  :heh:


What are we focusing on?


We are trying to be a social, helpful and active guild and focusing on PvE, Raids and maybe some PvP if we want and also maybe one of the top guild in server.


Origin of SweetRevenge


We have played many games before RO2 but we started with Eden Eternal and this is what we achieved:

-One of the best guild in Eden Eternal

- A very active and sociable guild in Dragonmon Hunter

- A very good guild in Aion

- Super active guild in Forsaken World

And many other games.


How to join us?


You can whisper to people down here to invite:

1. DeadlyIce

2. KenseiFlaga

Since it's a new guild so we are less people but we will grow to reach our target in RO2







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