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Upgrading Consumables Items Cooking Suggestion

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Posted 17 December 2015 - 09:45 AM

Hi all,


The idea is to add more compounds to make the already ingame consumables stronger, a kind of cooking craft.

This would make many of the mobs consumables more useful (since they are very weak or even useless) and it would be a fun thing to add on Requiem.


A new NPC in Nova Lux should be added : 


This is actually the WS boss...just to give the idea of the cooking NPC xD


What this NPC will sell (for a small amount of lant, something like 100 lant each) : 








This are the basic ingredients that should be added to the consumables to make a food.


Example of a food compound : 


x5 Cadaver Blood Sample (Max HP +120)

x5 Mutant Pill (Max MP +80)

x1 Sugar


For :


x1 Mutated Blood Sample (Max HP +180 and Max MP +120).


All Foods will lasts 30 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes duration of normal consumables.


Various consumables can be added even to RAID bosses, making them more useful and making the "consumable hunt" more fun.

For example, Ruinhorn's livers, that compounded with a high level consumable will make a very strong food, or biskra tentacles etc.....


Suggestions about it are welcome, thanks =)


P.S: Don't forget to add level 90 Vital/Spirit Waters, we miss them! And I would suggest to change all waters CD to a fixed 1 minute...the system "higher level water = higher CD" it's pretty stupid...

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