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Short Guide for new players

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Posted 01 January 2016 - 05:44 PM

Let me start out with a request for forum rooms for active guilds.



Table of Content:



Weapons and Gear

General tips





Hello. I'm an old player, played on this server for a while now, and played on gpotato before that. My highest level was 85 there, and 2nd highest is 7X here. Both Chaosmage/Sorcerer. This guide is a generic guide for all classes and thus I wont focus on good sets and stats for the different classes, as well as rings, belts, IM combinations, etc... I recommend checking out a more in-depth guide for your class. There are many great ones out there.




Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I farm gold?

You generally can't farm gold efficiently before level 60, from where you farm Verglas Ridge F1 1 map and sell the items you get. Before that, you can spend 5 silver coins to get a stack of souls at Port of the Winds center. A stack of soul is worth roughly 35g. You can trade 999 souls for 1 purification stone, and vice versa, at soul lady Julia. That way you can stack and trade more than 999 souls at once.

There are also some items of value in the dungeons prior to level 60, as well as you can farm and sell Hunter Capsules and Granite.

How do I level fast?

The fastest way to leveling is to do as many quests you can at once, while doing red quests, to maximize efficiency, or to spam F1 or F6 repeatedly during weekends for the exp boost.

Once you've hit 40, the fastest way to level is doing something called F7. You can do F7 at Valid Raeth when you're level 40-55. Forgotten Village, 50-65. Haven of Peace, 60-75. Dragon Valley, 70+.

Doing this with bean, during exp boosts, with cookies, or with exp potions will make you level faster. You can trade 5 silver coins for double up potion at PoW center. 2x exp for 10 min, 10 min cooldown.




Weapons and Gear:

Gear is not important for PvE through most of the game, but is always relevant for PvP. Skill in PvP is only relevant once everyone has great gear. (Fight me)

The "good" weapons sorted by level. TL;DR at end:

Aqua (27): You get this as one of the last Hero Aqua Temple quests.

Dark Soul (37): You can get this, or craft this at Spectres Tower

Elemental (40): This is the first weapon you can consider keeping for a longer periode. For PvP; Get it. For PvE, maybe magma is better for you. I recommend getting it to +15, but that's not needed. A +15 weapon should easily get you to Zauharant (lvl 70) before you need to upgrade. You can buy one off market (pay attention to special option), or craft one from Dark Soul Weapon and 100x Advanced Bless of your chosen element, at Gwen in PoW center, or Kazeura.

Magma (49): A cheaper weapon than Elemental and often better for PvE for some. You craft it with Lavalons Heart and 100 granite. I recommend making it +10 or +15.

Magichenge (ARAM) (55): I recommend skipping this. Takes time or money to make, and not much better than what you should have. If you like to collect the better gear, you need Aram's Eye and 100x crysolite

Undead Bone (60): First good upgrade from what you have, however it's hard to make and not needed. Recommended only for PvPers and collectors, though nothing wrong with getting it.

Heirloom Lightning Oak (65): A great weapon. You can get it reasonably early (Last level you can do FV F7) and it's not soulbound, meaning you can sell it once you're done with it. As a new player I wouldn't recommend using more than 10k gold to buy it as +20 legendary. However, I say it's worth up to as much as 13-15k. Downside is you have to buy it. A big plus is how much easier it is to farm gold once you get it.

Maybe the other Lightning Oak weapons (67-69): Very alike the heirloom version, however you can get it yourself while farming Verglas Ridge. Worth slightly less than heirloom if you're buying a +20. Since the level is higher, you might want to rather wait for 70 and Zauharant.

Zauharant (70): This weapon is soulbound, if you choose to equip it. A great weapon for those wanting to start farming Elga immediatly. +20

Black Dragon Lord Elemental (77): Amazing weapon get this and/or PoS weapon +20. You craft it with Black Dragon Lord weapon and 100 Legendary Bless of your chosen element.

Hero Protector Of Stars (81): Last weapon of the game. Get this and/or 77 Elemental. +20

PvE TL;DR: Get first level 40 elemental weapon or magma +5-15. Next is either Undead Bone, any Lightning Oak or Zauharant. +20 is recommended, but not needed for fast levelers. Last is either 77 Elemental or Hero PoS weapon, or both. +20, of course.

PvP TL;DR: Get the best for your level to +20.



For armor, what you want depends on your class, but defense is always nice. Especially for thief classes, I find. Read guides for what you need for PvP. For PvE, you don't actually need that much before Elga.

I recommend getting the IM back that gives 3663 DEF for melee characters and lazy ranged characters. Price should be no more than 8kg, try to get it for 5k. Hero Paris Wing +20 is also amazing at level 70, and you finish off with Hero PoS set at level 81. There are a lot of possible variations you might want to look into, though.

The best generic sets are: Anukus, level 35. Normal Valkyre, level 45. Hero Undead Bone, level 60. Secmathian set, level 67, Black Dragon Lord set 75-77 or something, I forget. Hero PoS set, level 81. Though there are many other options and often better options depending on your specific class.


Best generic medals:

Legend of Combo: 10.000 combo. My favorite place to get the medal is the first room in aqua temple at level 25-27. Equip level 1 weapon and go to ch 2-4. Some classes have an easier time than others. Mining area is also great. If you want, you can "cheat" once you hit 40+. There's an exploit you can do in F7. Bring an Assassin and a warmage or two, and someone who knows how to do it. Uber Combo (5000) is also great.

Galaxy Expert: Defeat Serpents 20 times. Relatively easy to get. You can do galaxia dungeons from level 50, and you should do them regularly. It's here you farm for PoS sets.

Wind Walker Hero: Become level 80

Fly like a butterfly: Take no damage during a mission mode. Who don't wanna be fly? (Not a lot of benefits other than being fly)

There are other good medals out there, depending on class.





General Tips:

As a beginner, get items that aren't soulbound first, and last for as long as possible. For instance the DEF IM back (Hook Muffler, Emperor Cape...) can be resold and lasts you from level 1 to 85.

It's better to have 1 high character to farm with, than to try to farm gold from multiple low ones.

Upgrade weapon before armor. Especially on characters you farm with.

Don't spend too much time learning everything at once.

Use silver coins on double up potions and souls. Sell the souls.

Master Producer Midas exist.

MyHome exist.

Don't spend too much gold on gear at early levels.

Ask Guild or Trade for help when needed.

Be sure what skill you upgrade. Try to save 1 of the skill reset scrolls you get at 20 and 40 job change.





I welcome critizism and tips on how to improve or what to add. I might edit this page several times.

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Posted 06 January 2016 - 02:33 AM

I think you posted this in the wrong section, it should be posted under https://forums.warpp...118-faq-guides/

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Posted 06 January 2016 - 06:26 AM

I think you posted this in the wrong section, it should be posted under https://forums.warpp...118-faq-guides/

You made my day. :heh:
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Posted 19 August 2017 - 07:49 PM

General Tips:

Don't spend too much time learning everything at once.



Best line in the guide. And nice info guide. But as mentioned, it's in the wrong section. I vote to move this one to newbie guides section.

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