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Class Balance Feedback

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 03:57 PM

Class Balance Feedback


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Welcome to the Soulmaker class balance feedback thread! The purpose of this thread is to collect information about the skills, stats, and specific features of this class that might need improvement for the sake of balance between classes.
In this thread you may:
Make suggestions for class balance.
Comment on existing topics of class balance.
To make a new suggestion for class balance, please use the following format:


Please keep all feedback civil, and do not comment on this forum unless you are reporting a balance idea or providing feedback for an existing topic. 

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Posted 08 January 2016 - 05:15 PM

Topic Title:

Increase final range of Soulmaker's Links.



Tweak: This is a suggested change to improve Soulmaker's Links usefulness and usability for both the SM themselves and their party/raid members.



The current final range of Links, which is 15m, doesn't feel like it's long enough to reach party/raid members that are too spread apart from each other or a constantly moving member(s) and/or party/raid to get to the next spot of grind in an area, thus a Link(s) would only be able to benefit and support less member(s) and at a shorter time than a longer one would be. Soulmakers would just be then simply advised to just recast their Link(s) to other members, but Devotion wouldn't be able to do so as it has a Debuff cooldown time.


Also, as to my experience if members are too spread apart, multiple targets Links can't be attached to more member(s) if a cast of Link couldn't reach the rest of them. If a multiple targets Links is casted onto another member(s) while other member(s) have been attached to a multiple targets Link(s), the Link(s) would be attached onto the new target(s), but the Link(s) would be broken from the previous target(s). It might be a bug or the intended limitation for the multiple targets Links to limit it to one cast to be successfully attached to a target(s) rather than the number of attached target(s). But, I might've been mistaken on this- that it's neither a bug nor it would happen to each Soulmaker, since they're intended to do so.



I wouldn't simply and solely suggesting for any increase of Soulmaker's Links final range, I have several workaround suggestions instead:

  1. The current Links range can still be the same as the current one, which has an initial range of 10m that extends to 15m. But, I suggest the Links' final range can be increased by shortening the initial range. E.g. by attaching Links from 9m range their final range would be 16m, 6m initial range for a final range of 19m, and 0m initial range for a final range of 25m. Although in current initial range, Links can be casted and attached closer than 10m, but it wouldn't increase their final range.
  2. Reduce the initial range from 10m into 5m and increase final range from 15 into 20m or 25m. This is a fixed range rather than the first suggestion which would be a flexible range.
  3. Fusion of the two previous suggestions. It would be to change into the new fixed range, 5m that extends to 20m, and the flexible range too, 4m that extends to 21m until the 0m that extends to 25m.

A bit of addition and off topic, regarding Devotion Link. Please change it so that the Debuff of the skill cooldown on its target(s) would only appear if it uses its effect of "if the target would die from an attack,... it would prevent the death and heal % to the target" that the Debuff would only appear if its effect to prevent death had been used, or the Debuff would still appear as soon as it attaches to a target, but it would disappear if it would simply breaks by out of range without having it used to prevent a target's death. This way, it could be used more to reduce damage to the target and heal it without having it less useful by having it on a cooldown if it's just simply breaks by out of range from a target(s). Pardon for the off topic here, you can disregard this as the main suggestion is about increasing the Links' final range.


Notes for some terms/words I used here, whether or not they're the official terms(But, I don't think so):

  • Initial range of Links: The range of a Soulmaker have to reach out to a target before Links can be casted and attached. Current range is 10m.
  • Final range of Links: The range of a Soulmaker can be away from a target before Links are broken. Current range is 15m.

Thank you. :p_hi:

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