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Bullying and Harassment - Please Read

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Posted 18 March 2016 - 08:29 AM


Lets start off by saying something we all can agree with "Harassment is never okay". In any form, no matter what it just isn't okay. Harassing a user through any medium or method both ingame and out of game is not something we think is okay. The worse it gets the more to comes to define who that community is and hurts it as a whole as it turns away new players and drives away old players. 


What happens when we get a ticket:


When we have harassment reported to us we look at it and then decide what actions to take. These actions include, Warnings, Temporary account Suspensions, Permanent Account Suspensions, and IP Blocks. It is our policy to rehabilitate problem users if we can. If a user has a swearing problem it isn't appropriate to enact a Permanent account suspension on that user. That would be like disciplining a new GM with a battleaxe. Instead we try to warn users that they are heading in the wrong path, we try to steer them towards good. However, when a user shows that they cannot and will not work within the system we then will permanent suspend a user and if they continue they eventually become ban on sight.


If someone is directly threatening your physical well being that account is permanently suspended without a chance to be released. There is no "Just kidding" when it comes to these threats


We are aware that there are concerns about harassment tickets when it comes to players being reported and we are committed to understanding the context of each report in order to do the right thing, and not just blindly suspending. Context of the report and history of both the reporter and reportee are vital in this and should be reviewed by the GM with every report.


Now what to do if the GM/VM/CM don't seem to be doing their job or you need to appeal a suspension? Below I have given a list of forum names to PM if you are finding nothing is being done. If you do PM them with such a report it is important to include what steps you have taken to attempt to bring attention to your issue so they understand the severity of the event.


GM Team:

Primary Contact: GMVesper

Secondary Contacts: Xanubis


VM Team:

Primary Contact: VModIceCreamCake

Secondary Contacts:

CM Varitas

CM Rayth

CM Mayari

CM Garnet


CM Team:

Primary Contacts:

CM Varitas

CM Rayth

CM Mayari

CM Garnet



Last Resort Contact List:

Submit a ticket to Payment: The payment queue is separate from the regular queue, The guy who answers the ticket is a very good guy and will do his best to assist and get the attention of the right people for you. He can be busy but I trust him to do the right thing.


Post Script:

We don't seem to have a good Harassment Knowledge base article... Krexus is having his team work on this.

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Posted 06 August 2021 - 04:41 PM

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