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NPC char Itz does not appear in Junon

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Posted 02 April 2016 - 02:04 AM



I've searched for similar problems being posted in tech support but have been unable to find anything.


I'm having 2 problems that may be related to each other, but according to the guidelines for posting we shouldn't post more than one problem in a topic as they could be totally unrelated to each other, so there will be another post with the other thing that is happening this morning.


As the title says I'm running around Junon town and everything looks ok - players characters are all around the town, all the NPC's are where they should be - until I try to use Itz to go to Kenji.


When I run down to where he is, Kiroth and Hayen are there but there's no sign of Itz - but I can see players chars running up to where he should be and disappearing as they use the boat transport.


Now sometimes when this has happened this morning I'll reselect my char and try again - but still no sign of Itz.


I've also totally closed the client down and restarted it and again no Itz.


I have also restarted the PC but still no joy of getting to see Itz and getting to Kenji.


Only on one occasion did Itz appear and when I clicked on him he wouldn't show me his menu so I still couldn't get to Kenji via Itz.


Now I remember this sort of thing happening in years gone by and we put it down to the client not updating - like it sometimes has a delay populating all the chars and their shops around where you are, the screen pauses while it's downloading all the data for where everyone is in the main shopping concourse by Mildun and Crune. But back then it was happening in very busy sections in the game where there was a delay in updating the screen, but by Itz it's not busy so I don't believe it's that causing the fault.


As I say there is another problem which I'll post now.



update 1

I have had the client run a check and it downloaded something called 447 I think, but I don't think that it's related to the fault. I've since run the check a number of times between attempts and it only seems to download that 447 items.


Also I have now managed to get to use Itz to get to Kenji but it did take a few attempts of clicking on him to get his menu up and then a few tries at selecting before the Kenji link actually worked and took the char to Kenji.


Update 2

The same char has just had a similar problem now on Kenji where Bith took a few minutes before he showed up.


Also yesterday after logging in after the client did the update above, I took the char around Junon and the whole town was empty of players and NPC's. After relogging and trying again it took about a minute before the town was slowly populated by players shops and NPC's by Crune and Mildun.


I've checked my internet connection and it seems all ok on a variety of websites including YouTube, where videos play and start playing very fast after selecting - so I don't think it's my connection but maybe it's something between my connection with Rose servers? I just don't know :dunno:



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