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CP Sets and Ranked PvP

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Posted 21 April 2016 - 01:09 PM


thats my first post so sry if something is wrong.

Why do the CP sets even exist if its nearly impossible to get them.

They cost 170K CP and you get 300 per win, thats not the big problem.

I started playing again 2 months ago, something like that and i never really not even once saw someone in ranked pvp, its just impossible to get even 1 piece per year like that.

I know you can drop them in galaxia to but they are just incredible rare for the fact you can mostly join galaxya 2 times per day.

And they are not even tradeable.

In my opinion the whole cp system should get reworked like that.

Something like giving CP for unranked pvp games.

Even if its rare to find even there players.

Sry if my english was bad sometimes, its not my first language. =)




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Posted 21 April 2016 - 03:32 PM

You can get way more CP per battle (something like 800 if I remember correctly).

You can join way more Galaxia dungeons per day btw. You can make alternative characters on your account and then do the dungeon on the said characters. Then, use an account vault once you get the glorious equipements you were looking for.

Also, you can ask to a friend to open for you, and I highly doubt that is a big deal. It will be very rare to have someone to refuse to help you since doing a Galaxia dungeons is valuable for every players.

Anyways, if the fact that they are hard to get is justified since they are supposed to be a special version of the set with the same name.
But I think that if you have enough patience to get them, it isnt harder than farming gada coins then doing arcade mode.
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