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PVM Champions Set BUILD

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Posted 28 April 2016 - 10:04 AM

To the moderators and creators of this game i greet you a good and wonderful day.


Since i found many characters still asking about Champions build set

and many of them dont even like to scroll and open up some already made guides

or are a bit somewhat likely found many guides lacking of information they need.


This is my guide and hopefully this well enlighten many characters.


From my champions

Name:    >.>


his hiding somewhere


CHAMPIONS: as we know this character class is somewhat split,

you can normal hit all people like an old fart.

and you can skill looking like a pro untill you realize there is no tank and die


eventually this guide aims to help you survive and do some decent damage in PVM

both from normal hit or skill.


His PVM set:

Luna accesories: with substat (Str 20/ Atk Power 30) for skill *if you preffer (Atk Power 30/ Critical 50)

                                                (Atk Power 30/ Atk Speed 4.5) for normal Hit

Exalted Evocatus

Or Courage Valor:


Head: Valor Gem (Amazing Star Agate Pear [Accuracy 30/ Atk Power 5%] for normal Hit and skill


Body: Diamond 7 (Atk Power 5% + 10) both for normal hit and skill

          Glaring Rosasite Cushion (Dmg Reduction 4.5% + 110) if you have to tank a bit


Arms: Glaring Malachite Baguette (Melee Atk Power 4.5% + 110) for normal hit

          Glaring Enargite Baguette (Enhance Dmg 4.5%) for Skill


Foot: Substat (Str 20/ Atk Power 30) or (Atk Power 30/ Critical 50) for skill

                      (Atk Power 30/ Atk Speed 4.5) for normal hit

         Glaring Rosasite Ascher (Dmg Reduction 25) <- since tanks should be the first to mob the mosters

                                                                                     i found you dont actually need to run very fast in pvm skirmishes.

                                                                                     if you just want to be the flash and just run around in dungeons

                                                                                     use an item mall meister cart or ride a mount. then follow the tank.

         Valor Amazing Star Quarts Ascher (Accuracy 30/ Dodge Rate 5% + 30) for those who prefer dodge

         Glaring Mesolite ascher (Movement Speed 75) if your sneezing right now and dont believe me


Weapon: Glaring Malachite Marquise (Melee Atk Power 4.5% + 290) for normal Hit

               Glaring Spectrolite Marquise (Skill Power 4.5 % + 200) For skill

               Glaring Enargite Marquise (Enhance Dmg 4.5% +110) for both normal hit and skill


Back Item: Executor's Cape [Pierce Defense 270]

                                             Substat (Str 20/ Atk Power 30) or (Atk Power 30/ Critical 50) for skill

                                             (Atk Power 30/ Atk Speed 4.5) for normal hit

                  Doctor's Back Arms [Atk Power 55 / Atk Spd 6.3%]

                                                  Substat (Str 20/ Atk Power 30) or (Atk Power 30/ Critical 50) for skill

                                                  (Atk Power 30/ Atk Speed 4.5) for normal hit


Mask: Violet Rose Captain's Eyepatch [Str 45 / Movement Spd 60]

           Item Mall Star Glasses [Atk Power 45] for both normal hit and skill

                          Oro's Present [Atk Spd 9.0%/ Int 21] for Normal Hit

           4 Leaf Clover [sense 45] if you cannot afford the affor mentioned masks

           (All with the same Substat)-  Substat (Str 20/ Atk Power 30) or (Atk Power 30/ Critical 50) for skill

                                                                      (Atk Power 30/ Atk Speed 4.5) for normal hit 


I use this Items on my 3 champions Sword/Spear/Axe

The most versatile of them in the Field of PVM is the Spear

Atk Spd/Aoe/dodge where it can change from mobbing to boss killing with ease


so if you want to LVL/dungeon farming/boss huting use the Spear

and change skill when you want the other type of champion.



I dont intend this guide to be closed

it is open to changes and i welcome any suggestions and points that show lack on the set.



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