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Passive Procs Repair

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 02:03 AM

Below is some fine tuning to procs given the recent changes that have either destabilized or broken the related skills below. 




Spear Deflection Stance: 

Increase to 3 Dodge per 2 STR. Dodge is still ridiculously hard to make a viable defensive stat for spear Champions due to everyone ramping Accuracy up to hit Raiders at a semi-normal rate. 



Increase amount to 2 HP Recovery / 1 Character Level for 5 seconds. With the now much larger Damage being taken, and 33% higher HP amounts, HP recovery needs to be altered to make up for the Damage differences and high Damage Caps when getting HP Crit Capped.


Axe Fury:

Complete alteration to the mechanic.

100% on Melee Hit, add 1 Stack of Axe Fury [6% Critical Damage, 5% MP Consumption Increase, Decrease by 50%]

Maximum 10 Stacks [Up from 5]

for 10 seconds. [Once Max stacks are gained, cannot be refreshed]

Axe's very slow attack speed, the short stack timer, and now reduced Attack Speed buffs / items make the RNG in the current version far far too erratic and impossibly hard to get to maximum or keep up the 1-4 amounts.




Cleric's Intensity:

25% Skill Power [Up from 20%] & 50% Chance [Up from 30%] To gain Wand Weaving.

Wand Weaving: Melee Attack Power 5% + 5% Magic Pierce [Changed from Attack speed to benefactor Skill Usage as well as auto attacks]




Steady Arm:

1.25 AP [up from 1] / 5 DEX

*New* Proc Gain 15% Block Rate when casting 'Crossbowman's Guard' for 15 seconds.


Offhand Expertise:

1.25 AP [Up from 1] / 5 DEX

*New* Proc Gain 20% Pierce Defense when casting 'Shield Reflect' for 10 seconds.




Shattering Blows:

Change Defense Down on target to Pierce Defense.

Defense Down does not work in PvM, and seeing as this skill is now about 2 years old, I'm tired of waiting for the magical update to MOB's to gain the ability to learn these stacks.

1 : 1 carry over [5% Pierce Defense for every 5% Defense Down currently]

Allows usage for PvM, carry's same effect in PvP.




Sorcery Mastery:

Change Magic Resistance Down to Magic Pierced.

[Refer to Shattering Blows, exact same reason]


Fire Mastery:

55% Chance [Up from 35%] to Gain 'Blaze'.

Significantly longer CD's prevent or inhibit full stack gain and upkeep. 


Wind Mastery:

50% Chance [Up from 40%] to gain Windwalker.

Same reason as Fire Mastery.


Water Mastery:

60% Chance [Up from 30%] to gain Mana Fissure.

Same reason as both above skills, however needs a significantly larger boost due to many very long cooldown spells.


Mana Shield Siphon:

Recover 0.5% Max MP every second after casting Mana Shield or Mana Barrier, for 20 seconds.

Needs to be based on Max MP, because statically low number do not recover enough MP due to very large mana pool.


Artisan / Bourgeois:



After 5 Hits gain [100-200-300-400-500] MoveSpeed for 5 seconds.

The percentages just don't work on Artisans, Bourgeois can make up for it with Wind Step, Artisans cannot. [Would require tuning on Wind step, but this thread is solely about Procs, nothing else].


Hallowed Point Ammo:

*New* 'Easy Pickings'

Casting Hypno Shot increases Critical Rating 15% for 5 Seconds.

Hypno Shot causes a DPS loss due to horridly slow cast speed of the skill.



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Posted 01 July 2016 - 10:30 AM

If you want wand weaving to benefit spells change it 5% attack power instead of melee attack power. Keep the attack speed since even spell casting battle clerics make use of attack speed. (also % magic pen is near useless in pvm)


The champ and scout ones really ought to happen. Soldier dodge is quite weak now which should not be the case for spear champs. It's my understanding that steady arm and offhand expertise went from 1 ap per 3 dex to per 5 because of the stat buffs, and with the stat buffs nerfed so harshly there's no reason to keep those passives weak. Would both new procs happen when reflective guard is used?


I've also been waiting for that dual raider change.


I have a thread saying the mage proc rates need to go up so we're in agreement on that one.


As someone with a launcher arti I agree with making cannonier a flat amount.  Why not speed up the animation on hypno shot?

Edited by DoubleRose, 01 July 2016 - 10:33 AM.

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#3 Feuer


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Posted 01 July 2016 - 01:27 PM

I guess a difference of opinions is to be expected with BC's. So having your statement there is good.


The Scout changes to Steady Arm and Offhand Expertise could very easily be programmed to both proc on use of Reflective Guard, so hopefully yes, that would be the case if the changes were implemented.


As for Hypno Shot, I wanted this thread to be exclusively about the Proc Passives, I'll make a separate thread for Active Skills themselves. But yes, Hypno shot could definitely use an increase in cast speed. 

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