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Clerics IMO [Vision?]

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#1 Feuer


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Posted 25 July 2016 - 11:36 AM

[Disclaimer: This is not fully fleshed out. This is to express examples, not balance. Comments on it being 'weak' or 'OP' etc will not be responded to as this is just a creative vision, not a proposal]


I have a personal vision for what a Cleric should be in ROSE. This is not a proposal per say, or anything I'm going to actively pursue, just wanted to share it because I think about these things a lot these days.



Support Role:



Cure: Minor Heal that removes a negative magic effect. [7.5% Max HP] fast cooldown.

Heal: A medium heal that removes a stack of wounded on use. [15% Max HP] medium cooldown. 

Ward: A medium protective bubble of temporary HP that protects the one it's cast on. [Replaces Mana Shield, same mechanics, but castable on target] medium cooldown.


Healer's Grace:

Grants 100% Chance to add 25% Healing received for 30 seconds when casting Cure.

Passive: Healing Received doubled.


Blessing of Protection:

Grants 25% Harmful status resist for 10 seconds on an ally only. Cooldown 5 seconds.



[Requires Blessing of Protection]

Casting Blessing of Protection grants you Karma. 5% Harmful status resistance per stack, maximum 5 stacks.



Ray of Light: Call down a beam of Holy light to heal all allies within it's diameter. [AoE Heal, Medium Strength {10%}]

Hymn of Angels: A song that grants health over time [HoT, 2.5% : 1 second for 10 seconds]

Saving Grace: Protect a target from all damage for 5 seconds, but reduces their Defenses afterwards [10 seconds, 5 seconds of this debuff outside Saving Grace]. [Long CD 30 seconds]


Holy Ground: Protect all allies within the area with a bubble for 50% of your Max MP value. Lasts for 15 seconds. Cooldown 45 seconds.


Heavenly Fire: Copy of Salamander Flame + Mana Flame, only lasts 15 seconds, but heals every second for same amount. 1 Min cooldown. [Heals 10% HP+MP / second or 150%]


Graceful Return: Casting Saving Grace also grants you 1000 Critical Defense + 0.5% HP / second for 5 seconds.

Passive: Stun Resistance 20%


Siren Echoes: Casting Hymn of Angels and Holy Ground now increases your Block Rate by 15% for 10 seconds.

Passive: Maximum MP + 50%

Passive: Max MP +5 : 1 INT


Martyr: Sacrifice 99% of your Current HP to protect all allies from all damage for 5 seconds including yourself.





[Traits: Holy Fire Damage, thematically built around punishing wrong doings and transgressions]





Chide: Scold your target with a small holy orb.

Decry: Accuse your target of weakness, causing Holy Damage and Reducing Attack Power.

Incarcerate: Trap your enemy in holy chains, preventing all movement speed. Causes damage.



Scorch: Burn your target with fire, cause slight damage and adding a minor burn to them.

Punishing Wave: Emit a sudden wave of heat hitting nearby foes.

Melting Burst: Blast your foe with fire, causing damage and reducing magic defenses.


Deacon's Order's:

Casting Chide, Incarnerate or Punishing wave has a 45% Chance to increase Magic Pierce by 5% for 15 seconds.

Passive: Skill power 25% + 50





Condemn: Send your foe into a terrible slumber where they suffer damage over time.

Holy Saber: Stab at your foe with a holy saber when at close range, causes severe damage, critical guaranteed.

Castigate: Criticize your foe, silencing them for a short time and causing some damage.



Pillar of Flames: Call down a pillar of holy fire onto your foe, causing a severe burn on them and foes nearby them. [Ranged AoE]

Hand of Hell: Form a ball of punishing hellfire on a target, causing immense and immediate damage.

Soul Torch: Attack your foes spirit with spectral fire, possibly stunning them.


Seraph's Command:

Casting Condemn, Castigate or Hand of Hell increases Critical Rating by 2% for 10 seconds.

Passive: Pierce Magic +25%.






Obviously those tree's are lacking some things. I didn't go into the full balancing phase cause this was just what I wanted to flesh out as a theme or flavor for Clerics.

When I think of a Cleric on the battle field, I think of them as protectors of good, and punisher's of evil. 

The Holy and Fire theme just fits them so well, and I feel would really add a flavor to them that makes sense and is fun. and class flavor is important, for fun, for lore and even for roleplaying. 


I just figured I'd share my vision [roughly]. 

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#2 Cortiz


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Posted 26 July 2016 - 02:52 PM

Another thinktank from Feuer, great idea's like the one's before,





I would love to be able to support my allies with some extra skills sutch as shields or place down some kind of totem to briefly beef up my team.

As a support cleric, it all feels so much the same and we could use some more diversity in skills, 


Holy Ground, Ray of Light, Blessing of Protection, Saving Grace, Martyr this is what I would like to see!





"Feuer for class managment" 



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#3 Feuer


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Posted 27 July 2016 - 12:56 PM

"Feuer for class managment" 




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#4 Buffiies


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Posted 13 August 2017 - 03:51 AM

I like your ideas, it's kinda boring in the long run just spamming those heals to keep your team mates alive and can give a new touch to clerics with those extra skills with the bubble/etc. Tho I don't quite understand what the karma would do?


I also have an idea, just an idea! What about a group rez? 


Feuer for class management! :rice:  


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