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;_; I ish so sad ;_; about the homing effect being gone...

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Posted 01 August 2016 - 09:58 AM

So I noticed that most topics about the new update on smart shot/homing effect being gone for probably forever is always "immidiately" shut down.


I don't have high hopes that this one will stay for long until it gets closed.

I literally DON'T like the freaking change on the summoner class. LITERALLY NOT HAPPY WITH IT. I know I just gotta deal with it but its hard. Ok?


I mostly play on my summoner cause, its FUN. But now its Not anymore. I have been trying to do some mission maps, failing hardly on them. My character is not fairly bad equipped or anything bad. But since the change, I haven't been able to reach above A-rank, which is sad. If I'm lucky which only happened what maybe 1 time in 15 rounds of mission mode like in Pine cone hills, I was able to reach S-rank not SS or SSS-rank but only S-rank! Only once... most other rounds... are either F for failure or E, which gives no reward...I'm not that high lvl summoner nor do I have enough of Skill points to get the rolling stones for the Golgon so now without Smart shot... I literally FREAKING can't do anything solo.


And then I noticed - yes- I am not that sucky player nor the best, but I am always at the verge of dying... wasting tons of gold to re-uh you know get my items fixed when they get broken. Even in party with other people, I am always needing to be saved cause, now with no smartshots, I can't protect myself. No rolling stones... or anything nothing. Smart shot for me was my protector! I should be able to solo like most of other people around ;_; I should also be able to play with other people in a party without being a total BURDEN, cause I'm just that easily killed WITHOUT THE SMARTSHOT!


Please don't say its gone forever. Also... Helix shot fails very badly. I've been killed so often nowadays after the change cause helix shot doesn't kill whats in front of me.. like literally in front of me. It just flies through the "enemy"....It hits the target rarely - when you stand in front of it.... so Please me needy for smart shot. without it this Summie is going to be forever broke cause of forever fixing the broken stuffs from dying too often.



PS. don't just talk and get opinion of high lvl summies or summies who aren't even their main charas..... don't forget the people who are unknown in the whole game... Just cause we ain't talking doesn't mean we're happy like most of your friends @Popsiecorny




Someone who needs the Smart shot back!!!


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#2 Popcorn



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Posted 01 August 2016 - 10:14 AM

Nothing has been changed the way how the Helix Shot does damage. Also Helix Shot does damage to the enemies in front of you. We tested this and had not any single problem with it. I would suggest to learn how to play like any other class in the game who never had any homing abilities. I am very sorry that you actually have to play the game instead of let the game do it on it's own.


It stays as it is now. We had this discussion already. 


Also I expect more respect towards me.

To prevent drama this topic is - and stays - locked.



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