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WIZARD ? Is this still a class or a walking INT buff ?

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#1 SolM77186


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Posted 05 August 2016 - 10:21 AM

First of all, this topic is meant to be a conversation between players in order to improve the gameplay of a specific class which is the WIZARD. I would ask everyone to forget for a while whatsoever rivalry so as not to change this topic into a WOE. Thank you everyone!


Some of you may have noticed that Wizard is really weak and some of you are about to say "But look at your DOT from fireball, it is OP". I do agree this DoT is OP but for instance Priest's have overpowered DoT's as well, 




So many players tend to choose Sorcerer over Wizard because sorcerer is useful, they have a great DPS and they have a decent heal mostly if they like to use a vigor build in order to be able to heal more. On thing so keep in mind is that Sorcerer's have a better DPS than Wizard. They do have "Variety Spear", "Jupither Thunder", "Fireball" while the Wizard has..."Fireball" ? and "Flame Explosion" which is impossible to use in PVP due to the unfairness of this skill.


Wizard is a sheet of paper such as Sorcerer but doesn't have any real DPS nor any heal.




Usefulness of a Wizard in PVP is simple, you may have heard a lot "INT buff please bro" and this is not senseless to hear this, in medium term it becomes somewhat annoying to play a class that is useful because of its buff. So many posts about Wizard's skills have been made over the years on this forum if you're willing to acquire some knowledge about Wizard.




For everyone who is mostly interested in playing RO2 for its PVE, nothing's wrong about it thus you are now about to ask us the following question "Why would i choose a Wizard if i can have the same DPS and some heals with a sorcerer ?" And you're right, At this moment we can respond to you nothing but "you're right". Keep in mind that we're all worshiping Wizard, we love them and we are just filled with sadness to see that this class has been forgotten a few years ago.




You may be a Wizard or not, if you're interested in changing Wizard then we would like you to write about what you're looking for concerning Wizard, We thank you for reading this topic and we hope that things will change.


This post has been written by mscocca (Wizard ml40) and Aphrodyae (Wizard ml40).




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#2 freakygin


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Posted 05 August 2016 - 05:18 PM

I agree..
Since i'm 100% PvE player, i don't speak PvP.
- Wizards are in a brink of extinction
- The only good things about Wizard is their INT Buff & Fire Ball's DoT (If it Crits)
- Teleport hardly saves their skin (PvE wise), somehow monsters can still hit from a distance.
- People will always choose Cresc / Sorc over Wizard.
   Cresc  = Great DPS from Pet's DoT
   Sorc   = Good DPS with decent heal.
   Wizard = Wait for "LFM any"
The only way Wizard can get invited on grinding party is..
If they say something like "I have lvl 4 mermaid / Imp"
What i would love as an improvement for Wizard
Raise their Skills damage %.
Especially Meteor Storm, Inferno and Firestarter
I don't think this will hurt the balance on WoE.
Wizard are supposed to be stronger than they are now.

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#3 Rhein14


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Posted 06 August 2016 - 02:08 AM

Fix DOT all over classes, then percentage on Wiz's damage. I would love to play wizard with useful attacks like water and electric element. 

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#4 raine4rose


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Posted 06 August 2016 - 04:58 AM

First of all I would like to introduce myself I am raine4roses ML40 Wizard I've been playing my wizard from the start of Ragnarok 2 SEA server till it was merged here in WP. I love my wizard and I can't imagine myself switching another class better yet I will quit than to play different class as a "main" as for alts Ive got an alt but I don't usually play them what I'm trying to say is I love my wizard and I loved being a wizard and it hurts to see some wiz is trying to shout at public just to have a PT or rather being a punching bag in WOE and PVP T_T and especially being a WALKING INT BUFF lol


I am so happy with my wizard before especially the animation of Flame Explosion and how you can move and evade some attacks but when they changed it. The survival rate has been 0% 


  • PVP: One on One

Before: Any class I can defeat (balance) 

NOW: You cannot win unless your level is way above them and your gear is the Best or if you could win by a pure "LUCK"

switching is useless T_T against same level and same gears.


  • WOE

Before: They can't deal a ONE HIT and still got time to heal (water seal + seal explo or switching)

NOW: ONE Hit and the next thing you know your lying on the floor. Not only that sometimes when I respawned I still got some DOT's. 

Ice wall to defend ? lol Priest DOT is way long and no cast T_T while the Firestarter is low damage that tickling the receiver lol


  • PVE

Before: "got balance (no hones and runes even pets)" LFP for Bapho and Arena they will ask you. What is your HP? while other got high HP T_T and a good dodge. You can survive by using your own strategy and you must have a plan when you should use your Ice Wall, Teleport and Water seal + Seal Explosion.

Pet Time: must have level 4 mermaid, eremes, embus of ruin? Lamort before you can join COA, AOD, Chaos

OSIRIS DG: Balance since you must have all the pet that was needed and you need to have a good gear and elemental weapon

DWL and DWU: hard to find PT but if you tell them you got all pets they will let you join.

FP: got raid so there was no issue but if NOW you must have a good pet before they let you join especially in tigers "but" make sure tankers should have the first threat and you always have to carry a divine protection. 

JDQ: not hard to find raid but if there's a newbie Wizard or Sorc this one is hard T_T.  Why? "LAW of DOT" the one who got the highest must be the one who DOT the BOSS don't care about the mobs. 

Wizard 1: 5-7k normal DOT Wizard 2: 10k-15k normal DOT. Time is ticking and each and everytime it has been change the longer the monster will live. We all know it is hard because we only got few Skills but it is not good just to DOT and DOT. Should also check whats your DOT.

Sorcerer vs Wizard DOT: Wizard got a higher DOT but Sorc got a skill "Memorize"? that they could cast spontaneously (bugged) usually they only have 3 cast I think but since it was bugged they can do that even if their damage is not as good as mine its okay but if its lower better not do that lol.   


Swamp: Somehow I can survive 

BLOP: Lol no chance to survive unless you got pure luck. You cant even tell when it will damage you so Icewall = Useless unlike EDDGA there was a chance that you can determine when it will AOE. In BLOP no way to survive although I got an exp that I was on the first list of Threat and I've got a chance to used Ice Wall but after that = DEAD lol atleast you got time for your mates to be revived.


Issues on PET

Mermaid Lvl 4 = Cres got higher DOT second to that is Priest and next to that is Wizard lol can you imagine We got INT buff but they got what it takes to Over Power us. Even if they got no Int buff it will be the same... T_T



I made a video regarding this issue next time I'll try to post it here


FireStarter: LVL 1 since I dont want to max it out and it is useless to max it out

lvl 11 Brownie = 700-800+ DOT

lvl 50 Monster = 700-800+ DOT 

lvl 50 Boss Dungeon Monster = 700-800 DOT

Jawaii Monster = 700-800+ DOT


I'm ML 40 with 30k+ MATK even if I got 50k-60k+ MATK my damage will be 900-1200 T_T


FireBall damage and DOT

lvl 50 monster: no chance to see the DOT so its useless to use

lvl 50 BOSS Monster: normal = 30k-50k = 9k - 12k DOT

crit = 70k-100k damage can only have 20k-30k+ DOT

same level monster = normal 20k + = 8k-10k DOT

crit= 30k-50k = 20k-30k+ DOT


Flame Explosion 

- Jehoon area Dragon Statue (reset when the skills was used)

- Can't use against Boss lol

- PVP=  we only got 2 hit to give but sometimes it was a miss or 1 is a missed T_T 

- so hard to accumulate

- Casting and Animation T_T 

- I prefer the "OLD ONE" can move freely but now you cant move and sometimes when you moved it failed to cast hahahha got 6cd when failed I think


Ice Wall

- should have shorter cd

- should have longer time like 30secs maybe hahahha 



- should have shorter cd since it is the only way you can evade some attacks


Frost Nova and Frost Diver

- you can stop their movement but you need to run or walk away the next thing you know they can move lol

- when against to another class you need to run away or behind them so they cannot attack you as for long range lol = dead if they are facing you hahahha or they can hit you with their AOE T_T

- should be totally in Frozen state so that they cant immobilize themselves. 

- Other class can still counter it. 

- Should widen the area 


That's it for now hehehhe Thanks for reading ^_^


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#5 gittipong


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Posted 07 August 2016 - 06:12 PM

:p_hi: Need Wizard?  :p_smile:  :rice:  :rice:  :rice:  :rice:

( Merchant Wizard Prepare Bag go Ml40 and find item more heheh)


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#6 akemarufin


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Posted 07 August 2016 - 10:03 PM

i would like to point out i know a few wiz that are still playing now and all of them are imba af....


hmm how should i put it? is like how good are u at that class and how well u gear it and play it 

just like how ppl see war/k9/hider can 1 hit KO you, but i still see some of those class that cant do 1 hit. so yeh.


as for raine i know you, OH PLEASE!!! lol and yes i play with u since SEA....

and u r one of the imba wiz i mention just now... i cant even kill u in pvp and ur dot and dps on pve are imba af as well...

oh and that ice wall thingy u mention, if they make it cd lower it will become the 2nd shadow armor, if u a vigor wiz so ice wall whole raid?  



and for those of u say wiz hard to get raid/pt/grind and what not....

> hard to get raid/pt/grind

for me i take any classes to join, in my point of view(or atleast me) for a raid/pt leader to ask whats ur hp or what pet u have, is just for me knowledge what my pt member have so it (pls dont get offended when someone ask).

i invited one wiz for FP tiger grind, he just stand and leech mp, when i ask why no use skill/aoe, the wiz answer me "sry i cant use skill/aoe, else whole raid will lag" OMFG im like wtf dude? so why do u even join pt?

so who will inv someone like this? (i know not all wiz, just saying)

> wiz dying in raid/pt

for Jawaii/WL bosses, is not wiz weak or whatnot its just we all dont know when will the aoe come, so u cant use ice wall or any combot to def urself.

so is not the class problem, is just the gameplay dont hv notice/warning like CoA...



dont blame the class, play the player dont know how to play hahaha



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#7 freakygin


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Posted 07 August 2016 - 11:17 PM

So... What you're trying to say is
When (Usually) nobody wants to invite Wizard on grinding party (DWL, DWU, FP)
It's because they simply sucks and don't know how to play?
But nothing's wrong with the class?
Let's take a look..
Priest's Level 5 Oratio          = 200% Magic damage / 2 seconds for 20 seconds
WIzard's Level 5 Firestarter =   25% Magic damage / 2 seconds for 30 seconds
WOW! You're right! Now i'm absolutely sure there's nothing wrong with the class!
It's simply because the player can't play...
Saying "You have to be well geared" is like saying "You have to be rich to buy a Ferrari"
It's obvious, but also not helping.
When the elephant in the room is "Why the heck i've only got 3 piston engine and they got 4 piston turbo engine??"
Since normal geared Wizard can't compete with normal geared classes, it means that they are weaker (Def and DPS wise), FACT!
Wizard are supposed to be Glass Cannon, not Plastic BB gun
And not to mention Wizard's Strongest Skill can't be used in PvP.
Nobody can collect 100 fire points before kissing the floor.
While Sorc and Cresc can easily execute their strongest Skill. (Still saying don't blame the class?)
And that's only the tip of the iceberg..
As for Jawaii Daily Quests.
Nobody's complaining. I like doing JDQ because there is no discrimination against certain classes.
The raid needs each other's buff.
But things are different when Grinding.

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#8 gittipong


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Posted 08 August 2016 - 08:24 PM

Depend on you skill build and you focus on style play.If you see something inside skill relate you will know how to build.

For me ultimate skill I use lv1 because only stun enough I don't aim for kill .I play on control game style with cast speed to stop slow hit and run and collect pyromania not for use ultimate skill .I just collect for 0.3 sec froze driver and 0.4 sec fireball with out ymir's child. 

I know My HP not enough for recieve  damage to much.Knight can throw shild boomerang in critical 1 shot time .If you againt in PvP just Tip and trick only.

Full gear option , skill build,you dicision in danger time is key of win .Some skill is bypass some skill .


In pvp i use skill Froze driver +Fire ball+ cold bolt+thunderstorm +meteor storm+Froze Nova+ Ice wall+ seal explosion+(Sometime ultimate skill:P)+Teleport with Levitation


IMO: wizard dont have big damage skill to finish with long CD and Long casting time

Icewall can pierce with dot skill after effect ice wall finish you will recive dot on time again.Not perfect protect with long cooldown.


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