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August 31 Item Mall

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Posted 31 August 2016 - 03:09 PM

Greetings team! We've refreshed the Item Mall again! Wild colours are back! 




Retiring Items

These items are retired! Get them next time around!


  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Camo-Green)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Camo-Brown)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Camo-Blue)  
  • GTAC Bundle(15D)
  • Operator Bundle(15D)
  • Medic bundle(15-day)
  • Sparta Forever Bundle(15D)
  • Endless Summer Beach Bundle(15D)
  • Golden Modification Box 



New Items!

It’s back to school time! That doesn’t mean you can’t still be a hero. Stay is disguise with these wild colours and super outfits!


  • (10) Weapon Paint Card (Yellow)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Pink)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card(Purple)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card (Blue)
  • (10) Weapon Paint Card (Red)
  • High School Hijinks Set (15D)
  • (Black)Ranger Set(15-day)
  • (Blue)Ranger Set(15-day)
  • (Green)Ranger Set(15-day)
  • (Pink)Ranger Set(15-day)
  • (Red)Ranger Set(15-day)
  • (Yellow)Ranger Set(15-day)


We've also been working on lag issues and balancing issues! We're always eager to hear your suggestions and requests for new item mall items. As always, thank you all so much for playing Metal Assault! I hope to see you all in game!


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