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5 reasons to create new launcher

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#1 SauZe


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Posted 04 December 2016 - 07:25 AM



5 reasons to create new launcher:


• There is a big problem about which you can not know. 
Very big number of people, can't update a game after downloading. 
Having got into this situation, the person has two ways: To ask for help, if he knows where it to ask or to leave.
Unfortunately, we can't learn all picture in this situation since people on the nature lazy and most often don't leave any comments on this problem.
• Interface of a launcher old. In it a small print and not the pleasant interface. The new interface can solve one more inconvenience.
You will be able to integrate into it news from the official site that it wasn't necessary to write news several times in different channels, it is convenient.
You will be able to output more information on new goods in shop, and also actions that will increase sales.
• Updating of a game.
It is possible to build in in new a launcher the program for monitoring of checksums of the client at start that will allow to exclude both Clint's modification, and bystry correction of malfunctions!
• Fight against cheaters.
Thanks to a check of checksums, we exclude a moditsikation of vdk of files.
It is necessary to exclude login the server as it is made in steam versions of start of a game.
Players who use the old version of an input in a game quite a lot. And to you it isn't necessary to hope that over time they will be gone. Steam not to liking and it not to change much.
The option for change of attribute of a label for an input in a game, is a hole in a security arrangement. The option was created for debugging of errors, but for any reasons is known to the big number of players for a long time.
This hole isn't always used for cracking of a game. I remind you that the "error 06" in updater usa still exists and continues to do an input in a game long and nervous.
• To exclude a possibility of start of a game in several windows.
What gives undoubted advantage, for some players.
• Unloading of servers for downloading of files.
In new a launcher of a game, it is possible to integrate similarity the client's torrent. What will very strongly unload servers. In total some 100 dolllor in a month, will allow to lift 5 servers for distribution of the client on different continents, it will increase both the speed and stability of loading of the client of a game.
 someone else has ideas about it, wait for your comments.


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#2 reqbugkiller


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Posted 04 December 2016 - 10:00 AM

• Fight against cheaters.



This point will be enough, especially if it is offered from the person who is involved in this sin.

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#3 SauZe


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Posted 04 December 2016 - 07:05 PM

In this game, ever nothing will change until you only flood.
Many people use a game in several windows. Very many use macroes. And some use speed gear - the program which is 15 years old.
  All this wasn't on the Russian server, and it upsets me. 
  Such people as you - lose interest in a game.

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#4 SergeyZ06


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Posted 05 December 2016 - 12:22 AM


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