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Wizard's Fireflower Skill

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Posted 01 January 2017 - 03:29 PM

Wizard's Fire Flower Bug. SERIOUSLY IT BUGGED Since Master Level Update.

It's long time since the Master Level update many years ago.


Wizard's Fire Flower Skill seems to be bugged since then.

DOT damage is ridiculous very low compare to before master level comes out.


For example before Master Level. Players HP is range around 6k-10k on LV 50.

LV5 Fire Flower will inhibit DOT damage around 600 per 2 sec.

From what i recall is, It's match 23% of Magic Power which is around 3000 that time.

For now on Master Level 40. Players HP is range around 20k - 50k on ML 40.

LV5 Fire Flower still do ... surprisingly around 300 on +20 gears players,

even less than 1000 on Level 50 monsters.


Actually the cause is skill description is wrong for all skills,

all skill description value is not match the actual value.

It has to be divide by 10. i.e. Firebolt LV 10 say 638% of Magic Attack

which is actually 63.8%. So this make Fire Flower 23% of Magic Attack really do 2.3%.

(Yes you can check this by remove all your gears and hit low level monsters with the skill.

So monsters have very low armor/def/parry It usually show raw damage output)

If you look into skill description which says, 23% of Magic Power per 2 sec.

Usually ML 40 Players got 30k Magic Power which all +20 Gears.
Fire Flower Level 5 should get 6000 per sec damage on simple Level 50 monsters.
This only make sense with 230% of magic attack if compare to other skill description.


I quite surprised coming back 3 years later and this skill still bug and nerfed.


Could your Staff/GM check with developer and look in to this issue, and SERIOUSLY looking in to this issue.

Because I am the one that Quit long time ago this game because main character is wizard.


For god sake, it's has been too long for wizard players, they all quit i guess,

Trust me just pull your server statistics, wizard is one of the least online players.

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#2 Draobyek


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Posted 02 January 2017 - 02:54 AM

In this case, it's not so much a bug but a design oversight. The skill percentages wasn't updated when the game's formulas were overhauled with the Advent of Valkyrie update, so they're grossly underpowered now.


The percentages are correct for the skills on all the descriptions, just most people won't realise you have to plug that into a formula that calculates your final magic power based off your weapon's min-max values, and your magic power stat.


It's on the to-do list at least.

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#3 Arbalist


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Posted 02 January 2017 - 08:39 PM

Well your math is slightly off, but I wouldn't blame anyone for not knowing because of unclear tooltips makes this much more obscure.

First off, you will want to calculate your Magical Skill Effect which is what Epele is alluding to. This is the value used to calculate all your skill's damage:

MSE = (Min+Max)/2 + 0.095*Magic + Refinement

Physical Skill Effect is the same, except using Attack Power instead, of course. Magical Skill Effect is the average of your Weapon's Min/Max + 9.5% of your Magic Power + any refinement bonuses on your weapons. Normally I'd ask you to mouse over your Magic Power for an easy answer to what this amount is, but the display is currently bugged.

What you then do is take this number and multiply it with your skill's percentage (yes I know the skills say Magic Power, it's outdated).

Let's say you have 1000 MSE, your Fireflower which has a 23% multiplier would deal 230 per 2 seconds on average, which is 23% of 1000. There's a 3 to 5% deviation, but negligible for the most part. Now luckily Firestarter is a damage-over-time skill, which has the benefit of completely ignoring defenses so your calculation could stop there. If it were a direct damage skill like Fire Bolt for example, you'd also take into account a monster's defenses.

What this goes back to is again what Epele mentioned: grossly outdated designs. Like she says, this stuff is going to be worked on, but there's no "easy button" to make all of the games problems go away. Things take time and have different levels of priority. It was only quite recently that Warpportal took over the role of game development from Gravity and there's a ton of messes to clean up. 

TL;DR: Don't simply divide your skill percentages by 10.

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