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[JRO Translation] New 38 cards implemented and Biolab. Nightmare enchantments - Jan 17th, 2017

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 02:45 AM

Uh oh !?
Thank you for pointing this out! I've checked it, going to edit right now.



Looking at the difference from CharAznable (translation correctness has been re-checked - mine only)
- Yes, those from kro are put on weapons and armor while jro's are put in accessory and garment (アクセサリー、肩にかける物) (compared with Raydric Card : ro.silk.to)

- I see cards from kro have effects of adding more damage if weapon is +10 or Lv4, think the 20% numbers can be stacked up, for example Lv3 weapons with 3 slots, if it's refined to +10 then all 3 cards have 60% + 60% (from the condition of +10) = 120% ? I don't know how the final damage calculation is from both kro and jro, maybe they're almost the same ?
- Though I think jro is easier because those cards have no condition of +10, just putting them on 2 accessories.
- I can only tell that jro has many different game mechanics, If you asked how ? maybe I could give something for example like : Power Swing (Mechanic's skill) has no skill delay, able to spam repeatly with additional damage from Axe Boomerang that's ramdomly come out.
Or, Overbrand (Royal Guard) has quite long cast time and uninteruptible even without phen card (~3-4 seconds with 70 Dex : not sure if it's fixed or variable). There're much more which I haven't seen.

So... I prefer Kro version

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Posted 01 May 2017 - 05:03 PM




 this is new ui, or some skin? (nice look)

A special label often used when Gungho hold an event.

It's not included in client's skin I guess because I still see my default skin (RO's original UI white + blue)


(Sorry for the late reply)

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