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Posted 18 January 2017 - 04:29 AM

Hello everyone, my name is Breno Bernardi and I'm 24 years old and I'm a YouTuber.
In the game I'm called '' GokuBlackBR '' and I'm here to offer my help to the game.
My idea is to spread the game more with the videos that I post every day on my channel and through that encourage the players and teach them to play.
It all comes down to taking care of everything that happens inside the game and I will mention some important topics of my project.
- PVP videos every day (OK)
- Record the tournament of the game and encourage the companys and players to participate, valuing the tournament and eliminating the hacks that try to benefit from it.
- Make friends with new players and encourage them to continue playing (OK)
- LIVESTREAM with events twice a week. (OK)
- Shoot hacks and send to game administration.
- Teach players to play with tutorials. (OK)
- Partner with WarpPortal to follow everything that is happening.
I believe that these are the main points now but there are many things we can do as well and any kind of help will be welcome.
The idea is to show the players that it's worth just playing Metal Assault more and more because at the moment we have a lot of hackers and the idea is to change that.
I commit to the help of all players and make Metal Assault one of the best online games.
I believe this is possible because the game is spectacular but needs more attention and I am willing to do this work.
I have achieved good results so far and the topics I put an 'OK' to the side are the things I'm already doing.
The rest of the threads I would need Warpportal support for more support.
I still have a lot to say and I am accepting opinions.
If you want to know the work that is already done, I will leave the link with the videos that I have recorded so far so that you can evaluate my work.
In spite of speaking Portuguese all the videos have the option to activate the legend in any language.
Thank you all for the attention.
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