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Help with a Mage build

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Posted 25 January 2017 - 12:12 PM


A reliable Stat build then? I can do that off the top of my head.


Note: This is before all Passive effects including clan passives.


STR: 100

DEX: 200

INT: 330

CON: 76

CHA: 200

SEN: 190


Remaining AP: 0


If you want the gear priorities it's:

Dodge + INT > Crit. Then AP.


Weapon Gem is obviously a Citrine. 


The only Mandatory Skills are:

Accuracy Passive Maxed

PvM Thunder Storm [100% Stun AoE]

PvM Soul Shock [Mute Single Target, highly spammable]

Barrier to Whatever you feel comfortable.

Wind Mastery 4-5 [preference]


I'd recommend Exalted over Brave as you can sub-stat them for Dodge + INT. 

I'd Also recommend the Magical Set for Dodge.


At full stacks with a good buffer, You're looking at a solid 3k Dodge when done correctly, and in PvM that will prolong your Barriers massively, and help prevent you from being bursted if your barrier pops and you didn't notice or get stuck in a cast. 


That's it. Like I said though, as of v617, their Damage is going to be severely reduced when compared to a Fire Build with the AoE burns not being affected by the Damage Spread. That being said, PvM isn't about killing fast, it's about living long enough to apply constant pressure until the target drops. 


Regarding this build (found in here)

Could someone please expand this topic and provide a proper skill build for the returning player - especially in the muse class.


Thanks in advance! <3


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