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Champ Charge: A (Unique) Compromise

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#1 Feuer


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Posted 31 March 2017 - 08:47 PM

So, with the number of Champ players literally foaming at the mouth to get their Champion's 'Charge' ability back, it got me thinking "Why not spice it up some?"


So, here's what I came up with.


(Unique) Battle Steed
Description: Temporarily allows access to use mounts while in combat, and provide immunity to being knocked off your mount from Taking Damage. You also gain a small boost to HP Recovery while mounted"
Requires: Champions Footing (5)

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 45 seconds

SP Cost: 2

Class: Champion


(Unique) Commanders Steed

Description: Temporarily allows access to use mounts while in combat, and provides immunity to being knocked off your mount from Taking Damage. You also gain a small boost to Block Rate while mounted."

Requires: Defensive Stance (5)

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 45 seconds

SP Cost: 2

Class: Knight



So, a little bit of why I came to this idea.


If you run around frequently enough in Dungeons and sometimes even in PvP, you'll notice Clerics in Particular, but Mages as well, have this fun but annoying little mechanic that while unintentional, is sometimes taken advantage of. Due to the 'dismount' feature requiring a character to take damage to the HP bar, not just any damage, you have to break their barrier/shield before they're dismounted. Now, in Dungeons this is incredibly helpful, as it allows you to swiftly move through a pack of mobs relatively unscathed. Clerics in particular thanks to Brave set giving them Dodge, and their ability to Block [both of which also allow you to ignore being knocked off your mount].

So I thought to myself, why not make that an actual mechanic, and give it to Soldiers, a slightly different version to each secondary class.

So I began theory crafting and doing some thought experiments in my head.


1: Cold Snap. This would allow Champs if cold snapped to pop the cooldown, mount, and escape.... or if you're feeling particularly frisky, charge the enemy. Granted, you'll be stuck when you dismount to attack your enemy, but it's an option to reduce the seriously over powered effect of Cold Snap on Champions.

2: Traps [Steel Trap] these pesky, and rightfully so, powerful traps can be the bane of any melee class unfortunate enough to land in more than 1. The DPS and Burst potential of a Scout is nearly unmatched. But the situation would be the same as Cold Snap. Imagine for a second, your Soldier is severely wounded and stuck in a trap. You can't purify yourself, you don't have really any options other than to wait out the death sentence you just stepped in. Or, if you had this, you could react, mount up and either flee with your extra regeneration, or prevent [potentially] any further punishment with your increased blocks. It gives you the option, and having options is how you make a game based on Skill, not just numbers.

3: "But Feuer, you can't attack when you're mounted, what if they just keep running?" 
Well, Soldiers of every creed have movement speed downs. They're quite handy and most are effective enough to keep your victim at arms length enabling you to wail on them for a few moments. Spear has specifically Frost Sweep, Axes have Weapon Toss, Swords have, well they don't have a weapon specific one, but they have 2 ranged skills and Champions in general have 3 movement speed downs from shouts. Knights are also the same. Sweeping Strike, Lightning Crasher, Trap Arrow, Shield Throw, PvP Shield Throw, PvP Trap Arrow and PvP Lightning Crasher along with the single target shout; the Knights are pretty well suited for keeping something in their range.
Having said that, I like that it has that slight draw-back. It's what the DEV's always want when they give a powerful buff to a class, it has it's limitations. You might be able to flee on command, but there is a window it's not available, and you also cannot attack while mounted. You'd also have to choose either to escape, or charge in. It's a well rounded skill.


Now, the last one is a fair point, but I feel with the sheer vast amount of movement speed downs Soldiers in general have access to, it shouldn't be an issue. That being that if your normal movement speed is faster than a mount, why would you ever use the mount?
Perfectly fair question, and one I did ask myself. Why would I, would I?
After some thought, I totally would. No amount of movement speed on Junon would get you out of a Cold Snap, or a Steel Trap.
Not only that, but for Champions, it'd be nice to be able to recover some health while you fall back to get an assessment of the engagement.

Lastly, it's just bloody cool... It would give Soldiers that uniqueness.


Hawkers with their Cloaking/Camos, Muses' with their Bubbles, and Dealers with their...... shirts. -yea, I'll get to them soon as I think of something related to PAT coolness-

But Soldiers just don't have that uniques aspect, that unique presence on the field. 

So, I propose to the Soldier Community, and the DEV's, this updated, spicy new Charge mechanic. -Plus it might net you some sales on those Mount boosters and CP boosters for mount passives, am I right? oooo, more shiny shekels :o- lol.


K, enough presentation, thanks for reading guys, cheers.

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#2 HoneyBunz


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Posted 31 March 2017 - 09:54 PM

What a neat idea!  I don't know how difficult it would be to implement but my friends with champs would totally love it. Certainly a unique suggestion and something we've not had in the game before I like it.

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